Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Millions of people have waited and waited.... and waited for the fourth season of The Game to get picked up. After a two year hiatus, faithful fans were granted their wish when BET finally picked up the show. After weeks of promoting and advertising, we all received what we were waiting for tonight. And I gotta say the first episode was one hell of a show!

First let me start with Girl Melanie and Derwin.. Derwin has come up MAJORLY! Seems to me as if he's taken Jason AND Malik's spot. And I don't think Malik is liking it one bit. But back to the subject, Melanie gets one of her fellow medical school friends to do a genetic test for Derwin's son DJ and it comes back negative. She then tells Derwin that it's not his baby and once he sees that Janae is trying to be like Melanie, he believes he is not the father. However at the end of the show Melanie ends up finding out that her friend read the results wrong and it actually IS his son... Too much drama for one episode!

Next we have Kelly and Jason and idk where to begin with them... Hot Mess.com. Kelly is doing the most this season, and it seems to me as if she's extra bitter. She has her own reality show in the works and all she talks about on her show is how bad things were when she was with Jason. As for him, he's no longer with Camille but doing his own thing and he's taking time off from football to "gain the respect he deserves". And ugh Brit Brat... #icantbebothered with her right now. She is GROWN! Where is the Brit Brat I fell in love with??? Doesn't seem like these two will be getting back together, but who knows with the twists that have been going on so far!

Last but not least... My favs Tasha Mack, Malik, and TT. Idk what happened to Rick Fox (loved him) but Terrance J is IT!! Damn I've been sleeping on him! His name is Dante on the show and he's dating Tasha Mack. However she's having issues coming to terms with his age. At the end of the day they agree that age doesn't matter and decide to try that thing out. Go Tasha! Now Malik's ass #icant... Seriously! He's screwing Meagan Goode who plays the owner of the Saber's wife!! He could really lose his career behind this. And not to mention he's still using TT (who now has a girlfriend), then TT found his girl in the hot tub with Malik and Meagan Goode! After all TT did for him, he screws him over in the end. Malik's attitude is horrible right now, like he can't be touched... I think he's about to get fooled though. SMH #themost..

I've drawn my own conclusions for this season just from the first episode... But with the way things are going that could change at any moment. For some reason I don't think Melanie and Derwin will be able to withstand all this drama.. But then again Tia Mowry IS pregnant in real life, so maybe they'll end up having a baby of their own. I think Malik is falling in love with Meagan's character and is gonna end up getting caught and losing his position on the team. I'm not too sure about Tasha Mack but I'm hoping she finds love... Preferably in Mr. Dante so I can continue with my eye candy every week LOL!!

Sorry this was so long but with The Game you can't skip details!! Leave your thoughts and predictions on the show below and remember to Keep It Bossy!

SN: Melanie and Derwin's new house is #bawse LOL #thatisall

Much Love,
LaBellaBoss xoxo


  1. Soo I soo digged this 1st episode! I was like man they gave away the whole season at 1st when I thought the baby didn't belong to Derwin! But now i'm hype as shit to see what is going to happen with him and Mel!... Malik is major arrogant ughhh he's working my nerves already! And Meagan Good is a baddd bitch! even though she's being major slutty right now! *no homo* =) & poor ol T.T. Loved the recap bestie! this is going to have to be a weekly segment!

  2. I'm so anxious to see what's gonna happen with Derwin and Melanie!! I swear I think they gonna seperate for awhile... I know one thing, if they don't give me my happy go lucky Kelly back Ima be mad! SN: I see once Jason started fooling with Camille he didn't switch his color back LOL

  3. Wow! I didnt notice that about jason! Im hype too.. im scared though. If Mel is pregnant in real life.. I hope they document it like she pregnant by Derwin.. im so afraid she might leave the show to pursue her own reality show thats in the works as Real life Tia MOwry. I loved T.T. too but he was so serious in this episode.. I want the T.T. that dont give a F***. I love how he is firm and a go getter about his business. Even if its on the cluck truck.. i know its entertainment, but guys should take notice. Meagan Goode's style.. it rocked! Kelly's style.. not feeling it. I want sunbeam Kelly back too..along with her Ms. Grown BUtt Daughter. Im sure the old BritBrat has grown since then(duh)so I wonder why they didnt keep her! Oh well.. I agree with BossLadiT.. WEEKLY SEGMENT!..

  4. Yesss TT was way too serious for me this episode. He was my favorite before, now idk how I'm gonna take his character. Hopefully he will loosen up. Yes Meagan's style was the bizness, but her stank attitude not so much!! I feel like she is gonna be Malik's downfall. But let me ask yall this, do you think Melanie was right or wrong for what she did? I don't like how she went about it, but damnit Derwin should've gotten a test from jump! It's too much for my heart to take LOL! I'll be sure to make this a weekly post for all our gamers out there :)

  5. Game on Game on! This premiere was everything! Where do I st8? LOL ..Dislike's 1st..Malik's character along with Kelly and Brit Brat..got to go! Kelly did a complete 360 on us frm being the victim of shady acts by Tasha and Jason! Im hoping she can turn it dwn a notch..less flashy and less plastic surgery even tho this maybe Jason's damn fault from his harsh comments about her body...so with all that said I'm guessing this is why they made Britt Brat jump some ages with her image...they are on a serious come up!

    NOW Malik (who I love because on the show he loves thick girls known for his romance with Kim the reporter and recently he stated while on Monique that he couldn't bring home some skinny chick woop woop)..that was a lot for some parenthesis my bad ..I have a feeling this season he is gonna be my least fav..Im hopeful that he will make some serious adjustments about treating TT right and who knows maybe he'll work his way back up top as far as branding goes and get Tasha back as his manager!

    OTHER THAN THE ABOVE THE SHOW IS A HIT YET AGAIN...I just hope the numbers as far as viewers go were huge..till next wk! -Elise