Thursday, March 8, 2012

We're Moving On Up!

I don't know what I was thinking but I forgot to do one last post through this blog to update the readers on the new blog! I had been tweeting and posting about the change on facebook, but I didn't think to actually write a blog about it since most people use these social networks. So my apologies to those who weren't aware!

Most people already know, but my blog has moved from here to a new location! I finally purchased my own domain so you can visit the blog directly at now. I'm so excited about it and what's to come for the BCF! I hope you guys enjoy the new site and please share your thoughts with us so we can make it better in the future!

LaBellaBoss ♥

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Fashion Files] Sweats & Heels

Sweats and heels is probably the one look that most people automatically say is a fashion fail, and I used to think the same thing until I got older and developed this quirky style that I have. Now I'm down to try just about anything! We first saw this look years ago worn by 106th & Park's first co-host, Free. She used to have this look down to a science, but back then no one else was wearing it. (Mariah Carey doesn't count she wears heels with EVERYTHING lol). 

Now it's a different story though. Not too long ago, 106th & Park's newest co-host Rocsi posted a picture to her instagram rocking heels and sweats, and she shouted out Free in her caption as being the first to ever do it. Since then I've seen the trend steadily growing and the question still remains is it fashionable to wear sweats with heels? I say yes! BUT it does depend on how you wear it and the type of sweats you're wearing. I think each girl in the pics above represented the look very well, and I found a pair of sweatpants similar to theirs that I think would look good with heels as well.

Below you can check out two pair of sweatpants that I found at Each pair are priced at $50 and you can click the link below each to go straight to the website if you want to purchase them. Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on this look! Would you wear it??

LaBellaBoss ♥

[Fashion Files] Mischa Barton Shoulder Bag

So who knew that actress Mischa Barton designed handbags through ASOS? Not me! I was browsing through their website and ran across some of her bags and found that they're pretty nice! They seem to be made of good quality and they are very fashionable.

One of my pet peeves when shopping for purses is finding a decent material and design. I don't really care if my handbags are name brand or not, but I can't stand a cheap looking purse! The bag shown above is the Belle Boxy Shoulder Bag and can be found here for $60.88. The one shown is in midnight blue, but they also have it in black as well as cream. I think this bag would tie in perfectly with the "sailor stripes" look! Since the bag is midnight blue you could pair it with a pair of white linen pants, a sailor stripe shirt, and a cute pair of sandals or wedges. You'd have a perfect spring look on your hands :)

I did a post last week with the perfect pair of shoes for this bag.. I've posted a pic of the shoes below, so make sure you check those out as well. Are you feeling this bag?? Hit me up with your thoughts!

LaBellaBoss ♥

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friends, Foes, and Frenemies

So who watched tonight's season premiere of Basketball Wives? All I can say is drama, drama, drama! First of all how old are these women? If they like it I love it because they sure are my entertainment! I'm pretty sure some of it is scripted but the main thing I want to talk about is the relationships/friendships between these women.

Coming into the episode Suzie was up to her usual antics of trying to be the middle man between everyone. I thought it was quite funny when Royce called her out about how fake she is... Suzie didn't know what to say! She irks my nerves more than anyone else on the show. Then when the new girls met Jennifer, she acted like they had something to prove to her. I guess they take that circle very seriously lol.

[New Music] Rihanna X Breezy = Birthday Cake Remix

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY ROBYN RIHANNA FENTY!! Ya'll know that's my main chick in my head lol. Obviously the beef between Chris Brown and Rihanna has ceased as he wished her a happy birthday around midnight last night. It has been rumored that Breezy would be on her remix to "Birthday Cake" from Talk  That Talk and I have the link for you below!

The song is a little fast paced, I'm assuming because it's leaked rather than the actual version. But you can check it out below and let me know what you think! SN: I wonder how Breezy's girlfriend Karrueche feels about all this... last night she retweeted someone and said "Didn't give a f*ck yesterday, don't give a f*ck today, and I probably won't give a f*ck tomorrow" #chile lol

Welp I know the drama behind this will be surfacing with the quickness! *grabs popcorn and sips tea* #staytuned lol

LaBellaBoss ♥

Friday, February 17, 2012

[My Natural Hair] The Fishtail Braid

Believe it or not I'm still going strong with #teamnatural even though it's been a serious struggle! I had started doing random posts about my hair to maybe help other women/girls going through the natural process as well but I haven't experimented with any new hairstyles lately. Just to give an update though, I had been wearing my hair in the bantu knots and taking them out like before. One time I had tried the bantu knots in twists rather than plaits, and the result was a head full of curls like I had gotten rods. I loved it!

Once my bantu twists fell completely, I figured out a way to pin up my hair in a cute, messy bun to avoid washing my hair for a few days. I then went to the beauty shop the weekend before my birthday (2 weeks ago) and decided to get my hair flat ironed again. I hadn't gotten it like that since October and I loved how it turned out. I've been trying to stay away from putting heat to my head to avoid breakage in the future, so it's very rare that I get it straightened.

Now I'm in the last few days of my straight hair and I'm trying to hold off as long as possible before doing my hair again. My hair is just so massive and thick, it's a process trying to do anything to it. What I want to try next is the fishtail braid as pictured above. That way I can do something different to my hair while it's straight and I can hold off on washing it again for a few more days.

Below I've posted a few pictures like I normally do of my different hairstyles I've been trying lately. If you're going natural but run out of ideas for your hair, always check the transitional videos on youtube... they are so helpful! Check out my different hair "experiments" below lol and let me know what you think!

LaBellaBoss ♥

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Back Around, Hey My Baby

T.O. treated Mo & Kita horribly... now he's lonely and broke smh

Karma is real! I could start the post with that and end it with the same three words and it still wouldn't be enough to get it through the heads of many people out here. Just about every day, I'm seeing statuses on facebook and twitter about how real karma is and how this or that person is just going to sit back and watch karma get back those who have done them wrong in the past. I too believe strongly in karma; I'm always posting about how what you put out is what you get back and how you should treat others how you want them to treat you.