Monday, February 20, 2012

Friends, Foes, and Frenemies

So who watched tonight's season premiere of Basketball Wives? All I can say is drama, drama, drama! First of all how old are these women? If they like it I love it because they sure are my entertainment! I'm pretty sure some of it is scripted but the main thing I want to talk about is the relationships/friendships between these women.

Coming into the episode Suzie was up to her usual antics of trying to be the middle man between everyone. I thought it was quite funny when Royce called her out about how fake she is... Suzie didn't know what to say! She irks my nerves more than anyone else on the show. Then when the new girls met Jennifer, she acted like they had something to prove to her. I guess they take that circle very seriously lol.

I guess everyone was surprised by Jennifer and Evelyn's fight though. Well I guess it wasn't really a fight but they had an all out brawl with words. Apparently Evelyn is still mad at Jen because of something she wrote about her on her blog, but Jen said her publicist writes her blog. Ev saw it as bs and called Jen on it, and Jen surprisingly got buck right back with her. I thought the whole situation was childish, but I was glad Jen held her own. 

Is it just me or were Jennifer and Evelyn NOT best friends previously on all other seasons? I mean until they had their little fall out about Jen's radio interview last season, they were riding for each other. It's just strange to me that they're THAT mad at each other where they're going head to head every time they're in the same room. It just makes me wonder if one of them sold out on being a loyal friend for the money and fame. I would question if their friendship was based on fame to begin with, but I know they were close prior to the show. 

I just can't see myself blasting any of my friends like this even if we fell out and never spoke again. I think it's all petty, especially for women of that age and supposed "class". Like I said it could all be for numbers for the show, but it would even be reducing their standards to act like that on national tv just for money. 

What are your thoughts on the show? If you've ever had a friend that you fell out with how did you handle it after the friendship ended? Leave a comment with your thoughts! :)

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  1. I can totally relate to this situation. Me and my 'best friend' had fallen out over something to this day I still don't know y. She just started throwing shade one day. Then a lot of rumors where spreaded about me and I knew automatically it was her spreading them because the information was only things she would know. I was hurt by the situation. I could have been very petty about the situation and in return spread information about her but instead let it go. No matter how hurt i was i couldn't see myself putting her out like that i loved and respected her to much. With that said I think both Eve and Jen should accept their differences and keep it moving. Arguing over a bunch of nothing is pointless and childish and both behaves.

  2. I agree with you 100%! I too have been in situations where I'm no longer cool with an old friend and they tried to put my business out there. When you respond to people like that it only adds fuel to the fire. People like Evelyn don't really use logic when they have disputes, all she knows is fighting and arguing. You can tell Jen doesn't want to really handle it like this, but Ev is a fire cracker and knows how to push buttons. I hope these two can at least agree to disagree and stop arguing in public!

  3. I think that Evelyn Is acting childish, Jen is trying to reach out to her, she even cried! Y'all are right you don't have to blast your friend out because of a difference, I figured it's things that all along you wanted to say! They were too close to act the way they are and I like them both

  4. Being received by the actual episode Suzie had been up to the woman's typical tricks when trying to be the center guy among every person. I thought it was fairly cambridge satchelfunny whenever Royce called her out about how fake she actually is... Suzie didn't know what to state! She irks my nervousness over someone else on the show. An essay the modern young ladies achieved Jennifer, she behaved just like they'd a thing to influence the girl. I guess they will get that group extremely critically hahah.

    I guess citizens were amazed at Jennifer and Evelyn's combat although. Well I guess it had not been a real fight however they got an all out fight using words cambridge satchel company. Apparently Evelyn is still upset from Jen as a consequence of something she authored with regards to her on her behalf blog site, nevertheless Jen mentioned your ex publicist writes your ex blog. Ev watched it as bull crap as well as referred to as Jen onto it cambridge satchel 14 , and also Jen astonishingly obtained buck back along with her. I believed the full circumstance ended up being unprofessional, however ended up being happy Jen kept her.