Friday, April 29, 2011

Look Of The Day

As stated in my previous post, blazers will be a really big trend this summer. I decided to try something new and post a "Look of the Day" to follow up with the blazer post. This will give you guys an idea of how to rock the styles that I post. Of course you don't have to follow my look exactly, but this is just a sample of how I would wear my blazer for the summer. I chose the Coral Crepe Double Breasted 3/4 Sleeve Blazer from Top Shop, and paired it with Coral wedges by Halston's, olive shorts from Forever21, and gold jewelry. Underneath the blazer I would wear a simple white or beige tank top. Check out what I came up with and let us know what you think. Hope you enjoy and decide to come up with a few ideas of your own! Bossin' Is A Movement!


LaBellaBoss <3 

Blazin' for Summer

I know it sounds weird being that summer is the hottest time of the year, but blazers are really in right now and will be throughout the remaining spring and summer months. Pictured above, Ciara is shown in a really cute pink blazer paired with simple jeans and a white shirt. Blazers can basically be worn with anything as long as the colors and patterns don't over power each other or throw each other off.

I will definitely be rocking me a few blazers this season, more than likely with some cute shorts or a skirt and heels or oxfords. Since it's hot outside, try finding a bright or pastel colored blazer to match up with the colors of the season. If not that, then you could pair up a colored shirt, dress, shoes, or bottoms with a dark blazer and you will still accomplish the "summer feel". Many of my favorite celeb stylistas have already been spotted in them including Kim K, LaLa, Ciara, Rihanna, etc.

Check out some really hot blazers I found from my favorite websites and let us know what you think! Will you be wearing one??  

LaBellaBoss <3

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Reigning Queen

I'm willing to bet money that any time the question "Who is the Queen of Hip Hop & R&B?" is asked, Mary J Blige's name comes up. Mary J is one of my all time favorites, but I'm sure that goes for everyone who loves hip hop and R&B. For as long as I can remember, Mary has been one of the select few that can incorporate hip hop and R&B into one. I swear she even has the hardest gangstas finding themselves humming along to her jams lol. On top of that, she makes timeless music. You don't find too many artists with songs from over a decade ago that still get regular airplay and bang in the club. Mary is THAT chic!!

She just recently came out with a new single called "Someone to Love Me" with Diddy and Wayne on the remix. This is one of my favorite songs out right now! That hard body beat with her soulful voice is just perfect. She paved the way for so many female artists, showing that you can still be about R&B but run with the big boys too. The best thing about her is that no matter what she just won't let up... How many female artists were making hits in the early 90's and are still making them today? Very few and other than Sade' I can't think of any right now. So today's #throwbackthursday is dedicated to none other than "The Queen of Hip Hop and R&B"... Mary J Blige!

Check out her new video above if you haven't already... and as usual, below I've listed some of my favorite songs/videos from her in the past. Mary J is the true definition of a Boss Chic! #bawse

LaBellaBoss <3

Monday, April 25, 2011

Positive Mondays!!!!!!

Positive Mondays is a lifestyle. Speak and meditate

Monday, April 18, 2011

Positive Mondays!!

If you haven't joined the movement yet, what are you waiting for?!? It's Monday again or should I say Positive Monday :) What everyone else deems as the worst day of the week, at The Boss Chic Files we don't claim that. Monday is the beginning of a new week so look at it as starting fresh from last week. With that in mind you should always enter it with a positive attitude.

Saying that last week was tiring for me is an understatement. This semester I've been taking six classes so I can hopefully finish school quicker than planned... Well that sounds good at first but the work that comes with it on top of the schedule I already have is #notthebusiness. So last week was catch up week for me. I literally spent hours on top of hours doing homework. Wednesday I got off work early, only to spend seven hours doing homework that afternoon/evening. Well this morning I was checking my grades, and I must say that hard work does pay off. I'm finally getting back on track, and my grades are actually good! #FISTPUMP lol

With that said, I can't stress enough that we are the only ones who have power over how great of a day we have. Yes bad things may happen, but the way we handle situations and our own attitudes are what really matter. You know how you wake up in one of those moods ready to snap on any and everybody? You control that. So if something bad happens or not everything goes your way, just remember that the destiny of your day lies within you.


LaBellaBoss <3

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can She Make A ComeBack?

What's up bosses and boss chics! First of all, I have to ask you guys to cut me some slack on my number of posts for the next two or three weeks... I'm entering the last few weeks of this semester and it's getting kind of hectic so be patient with me! On another note, of course today is #throwbackthursday and this week I'm dedicating it to Da Brat. She recently was released from jail around the end of February after pulling a three year stint due to an altercation she had back in 2007. Now she's ready to make a comeback into the music world.

Yesterday, Jermaine Dupri went on Atlanta's V-103 radio station to premiere his So So Def remix to Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now". Let me just say Da Brat went innnn! (JD... not so much lol). I have always loved the way she flows! I think a lot of people sleep on Da Brat maybe because of her style, but she is definitely a hot female MC. I'm hoping she does make a comeback! Don't get me wrong, I like Nicki but some versatility needs to be added into the mix of female rappers! Check below for the remix to "Look At Me Now" and let us know what you think! Also check below for some of Da Brat's old songs for #throwbackthursday.

LaBellaBoss <3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Trend... Denim Jackets

I know the hottest time of the year is approaching, but we ladies ALWAYS need cute jackets for every season. Whether it be a chilly night or you're in a cold building, I promise investing in a cute jacket will be money well spent. I used to love demin jackets back during my high school days, but after awhile they seemed to not be "in" anymore. I haven't bought a jean jacket SINCE high school lol, but it seems as if they're coming back out.

 Personally I do not think all demin jackets are cute, and they do not go well with any and everything #imjustsaying. Be careful what you wear these with and choose yours wisely (I know I'm making it sound like life or death, but fashion is! lol). Some people are very picky about wearing demin jackets with jeans if they're not the exact same color/wash. Pshhht I think they really do look good together, but just make sure your outfit as a whole is on point. Also for the Spring and Summer months, I would probably rock one with some tights, a skirt or shorts, or over a cute little sundress. Check out some of my favorite jean jackets I spotted online below. Hope this helps!

SN: Jean jackets give your outfits a little edge, I think I'm gonna get me a new one and go for a rockstar look ;)

Be Bossy Not Basic!!

LaBellaBoss <3

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Throwback Thursday- Ashanti

Happy Thursday! You know every week we do #throwbackthursdays to reminisce about the good old days when music was actually something worth listening to. This week's post is about one of my all time favorite singers... Ashanti! Ashanti has always been one of the flyest artists out there. When she first came out in 2002, she was the first female artist to simultaneously hold the two top spots for the Billboard Hot 100 with "What's Luv" and "Foolish". On top of that her debut album sold 503,000 copies in its first week, making her the first new female artist to sell the most records.

Ashanti's debut album was one of those albums that I died to have. I remember my mom, my godmother and myself all went out and bought a copy a piece the first day it came out. That album is timeless and I could listen to it all the way through over and over. Every song that she does is usually a hit. She's one of those people that the world loves, I think it's because her personality shines through as well. She just seems so real. Recently spotted at her little sister Shia's 22nd birthday party in the pic above, you can see that she still has "it". 

Check below for some of her old videos and songs. Do you think she'll come out with another album? And if so how well do you think she will sell? I hope she has something in the works! The R&B game needs her!

LaBellaBoss <3

Monday, April 4, 2011

Positive Mondays

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Carter!! ^_^

It's Monday again... Better yet #PositiveMondays!! Man I am so serious when I say I used to hate Mondays. There was a point where I would get sick to my stomach Sunday evening just from knowing that Monday was right around the corner. But now that we have #PositiveMondays rolling, how can you even be mad? You know how you tell yourself that you can do something over and over until you believe it? That's how Positive Mondays work. When you speak a great day into existence, it actually happens believe it or not. Now I'm not saying that your day is gonna be all peachy just because you joined the movement, but it's not the obstacles that determine if your day is good or bad anyway. It is and always has been about your own attitude and how you look at situations that make the difference in a good day and a bad day.  

Friday, April 1, 2011

Is Chivalry Dead?

Being one who stays up on everything going on in the media (someone else's entertainment is always better than your own lol), I'm always reading other blogs, magazines, watching talk shows or listing to the radio. When the media isn't talking about celebrities, nine times out of ten it's talking about real life situations or relationships. With that being said, when referring to relationships you hear women complaining about the lack of charm from their man more so than praising him for the little things he does. That makes me ask the highly debatable question... Is chivalry dead?

Every lady's dream guy is one that opens doors for her, gives her his coat when she's cold, and protects her when she's in danger right?? Everyone knows that women are basically hopeless romantics who think with their emotions. From day one as little girls we are trained to grow up wanting a Superman husband, kids, and a nice home surrounded by a white picket fence. As for men, they are trained to make money #pointblank. At an early age, they're taught to be strong, never cry, and provide for and protect what is theirs at all times. On that note, women focus more on the little things where men only look at the big picture. If you're happy and they're happy, they probably won't feel the need to go out of their way to do anything extra. They're simple creatures to please if you think about it, it's us women that are the tough ones #letsbehonest.

Cropped Tops

Finally Spring is here so you know it's time for the layers of clothes to start dwindling down to almost nothing #letsbehonest lol... As promised I have more fashion posts coming up to try and keep everybody up on what's in this season. Crop tops are going to be really big this Spring and Summer. Now ya'll know these aren't for everybody, you know what you can and can't wear. But if you do get you some of these, I think they would match up nicely with either high waisted shorts, high waisted skirts, tights, or linen pants. I think these are so cute and flirty! I could definitely see myself rocking one on a casual day. Also I think they would go well over bathing suits like Beyonce' has hers in the picture above. I've listed some cute crop tops that I've found from some of my favorite websites including ASOS, WetSeal, BeBe, TopShop, and Forever21. Check out more below! #bawse


LaBellaBoss <3