Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Trends- Wedged Boots

This fall we can expect wedge boots and booties to be at the top of the fashion list, and of course regular boots as well. Wedge boots have always been around, but most people opt for stilettos instead. The good thing about the wedge boots is that they can be worn like a regular shoe if they are booties, which means they look good in different colors and patterns like the ones Nicki have on above. I wanted to do a post just for boots with a wedge heel, and I'll follow up with a regular boot post later. Check out some of my favorite boots that I found online below. Will you be copping a pair for the fall??

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To The King Of Music!

It wouldn't be right if we didn't take a moment to wish the king of music (NOT pop but music) a Happy Birthday!!! It really doesn't seem like it's been over two years since he passed, because his legacy truly lives on forever. True legends never die!! Check after the break for my favorite MJ video of all time!

Happy Birthday Michael!!

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Positive Monday- The Power In The Tongue

Throw your shades on for positive Monday because BOY do we have a lot to be thankful for today! First of all the trending topic on twitter this morning is #IHATEMondays... Seems like the rest of the world needs to get in on this #PositiveMondays vibe and get rid of that negative thinking! I live on the east coast, and I can't see how anyone on this side of the nation could not be positive today.

We had the biggest earthquake in Virginia since the late 1800's last week with minimal to no damage which is a major blessing. Mind you the earthquake measured at 5.8 and could be felt as far north as Toronto and Martha's Vineyard and as far south as Atlanta, GA. Then in the same week here comes Irene ready to take the east coast by storm literally. While she did cause damage to North Carolina and parts of Virginia, she was not as bad as expected. According to weather reports, she was supposed to go straight through the city of New York which caused a state of emergency there as well as in other states. BUT by the grace of God, she died down to a tropical storm before she could cause any major turmoil.

The way the news was reporting Hurricane Irene, there could have been many lives lost and homes destroyed. However most people in the target areas only experienced flooding and loss of power. If that's not a reason to be positive then I don't know what is. On top of that I finally made it to church yesterday after missing two Sundays (I'm human) and it was so uplifting! What stood out most to me in yesterday's message was that YOU have the power to speak things into existence in your life. The tongue is the most powerful part of your body. Whether you speak negatively or positively over your life could be the determining factor between something positive or negative actually happening!

Speak positively over your life, and positivity will come into existence!!

*throws shades on*

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Celebs Show Love To The Carter 3

Now ya'll know my whole life just got made last night LOL! I'm pretty sure everyone watched the VMA's last night or have at least heard the shocking news from the night... Beyonce' and Jay-Z are expecting their very first baby! How exciting is that? You already know I'm a major Bey stan and I love me some Jay-Z too, so I was over the edge when I heard this lol. Did you see the looks on their faces (and Kayne's!) at the end of her performance? Queen Bey dropped that mic, flipped her hair back and her jacket open and hit us like "Bam look at me now" lol.

That was the most touching performance from her EVER! Jay-Z looks so proud to be her man and to be having a baby on the way, and Bey looks just as thrilled. Love is a beautiful thing! I saw on twitter this morning where someone said they should name the baby Brooklyn Houston Carter, and I think that's really different and cute! What do you think they should name the baby?? Check below for Beyonce's full performance as well as tweets from different celebrities contratulating the Carters on their new addition!

"Hello Brooklyn, if we have a daughter guess what I'ma call her? Brooklyn Carter.."

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Bossy Blog Links

I've listed a few different links to posts from some of my favorite blogs that I thought you would be interested in! Check below for the scoop:

Everyone have a happy Friday!! All my east coasters be safe out there, Irene is bitching! LOL

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Beyonce's Baby Maker

Rihanna wasn't the only one who dropped a new video last night, because King B released her video to E! yesterday around 7 PM according to my favorite blogger Necole Bitchie. Let me just say I don't think I've ever seen Beyonce' be THIS sexy and sultry in a video... ever. The closest thing that comes to mind is "Naughty Girl" which isn't really even close lol.

 I really loved this video and all the psychedelic effects that came with it! I love how simplistic the video is, and I think it goes perfectly with the song. Bey is giving us sexuality in a very sensual way, so it's not over the top at all. "1+1" really reminds me of her song "Speechless" from the Dangerously In Love album which is still one of my favorite songs by her. Bey herself has said that "1+1" is her favorite single from the album 4 and it's one of my favorites as well.

Check the video out below and let us know what you think about it! Do you think Bey is being overtly sexy or is it just right for the song??

SN: You know you getting that good love when it has you crying #justsaying lls

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New Video: "Cheers (Drink To That)" - Rih Rih

I'm forever tweeting about how Rihanna is my celebrity best friend in my head lol and people think I'm crazy. First of all Rihanna's style is out of this world and if I had to choose a favorite celebrity when it comes to fashion, it would be her. But that's not even the real reason that I love her. If you ever catch any of her interviews especially in magazines, she is always so candid and down to earth. She just dropped the video for her 6th single from the Loud album titled "Cheers (Drink To That)" and I FREAKING LOVE IT! Ok I got hype lol but this video shows exactly why I love Rihanna so much.

This video gave me life! I love seeing that other side of her where she just lets her hair down and does HER. She never puts on a front to be politically correct for the media or changes who she is. She is definitely winning in her career! Check below for her new video and let me know what you think of it!!

SN: Shoutout to my favorite rockstar Avril Lavigne in the video as well.. Love that Rihanna put her in there since she used the sample of her song "I'm With You" :)


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Throwback Thursday- RIP Baby Girl

I don't know a single soul on earth who grew up around Aaliyah's music and didn't love her. Why wouldn't you?? Today marks the ten year anniversary of the death of infamous singer/actress/dancer Aaliyah Dana Haughton. Aaliyah was MY absolute favorite singer before she died, I even cried when I got the news of her death. I remember watching 106 and Park that day, and everyone was just in shock and so sad. She was one of those people that you could look at and tell that she had a really good heart and genuine personality. Whenever you saw her in pictures or on tv, she was ALWAYS smiling.

She was beginning to get into movies as she had already finish Romeo Must Die (which you can catch at random times on BET). She also had a role in the Queen of the Damned. Her music was way before our time back then. If you listen to some of her old songs, you can see that they would definitely still be hits in this day and time. I really miss her music so much, and I miss seeing her refreshing spirit in the media.

I always wonder how R&B music would be if she were still alive?? She would definitely be running the business right now!! Check out my favorite video of hers above for "Try Again" and also check after the break below for pictures of Aaliyah before her untimely death.

R.I.P. Baby Girl, you are missed!! ♥


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ALDO's Fawley Pumps + Look of the Day

#ICanHonestlySay that I am addicted to shoes!! If there was an intervention class for the love of shoes I would so need to be there! Remember I said before that I always shop shoes first and clothes later? Well any time I'm putting together an outfit, I always start with the shoes. I'm referring to the days that I actually care about what I'm wearing, not jeans and flip flop days lol. I feel if you have a decent shoe collection, you can do anything with your wardrobe. With color blocking being in style now, there are so many options for ways to switch up outfits with the same pair of shoes.

On that note, any time I do a blog post on fashion I will almost always start with the shoe. Unless of course there is a piece of clothing that REALLY grabs my attention. I'm very simplistic with my style of clothes, but my shoes and accessories make the clothing stand out. The shoe for today is the ALDO's Fawley Pump in navy which I paired with a stone colored kimono sleeved knit dress from ASOS. I also paired these with a mustard chain pocketbook from TopShop to top off the whole look. I would wear gold jewelry with this outfit to bring out the colors and the gold chain in the purse. Check below to see what all three pieces look like and to get the price on them!


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Walk Like A Bawse

I am forever getting laid out via twitter and facebook for my lack of posts when it comes to men's style and fashion lol! Let me just tell ya'll, by NO means am I a fashion expert (especially when it comes to men). I just take what I know, what I like, and what I'd wear (or want my man to wear) and go from there. On that note, since the fall is quickly approaching I thought I would do a men's fashion post on boots for the season.

Most men that I know buy themselves a pair of Timberland's faithfully every year when it gets cold and they just leave it at that. Let me be clear that I LOVE seeing a man in Tim's. Idk it's just something about them that screams rough around the edges which is just my type *le sigh* lol. However, I really think men need to switch up their style in order to seperate themselves from the rest. So below I've listed a few pair of boots that I think are HOT and doesn't take away from a man's masculinity. Let me know what you guys think!!


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Seeing Double

How can you not love Tia and Tamera though?? I grew up a big fan of Sister Sister, and looked up to Tia and Tamera Mowry all my life. They're the epitome of young, empowering women and I love how they grew up in the industry but stayed true to their values and morals. With all the drama from part two of the Basketball Wives reunion tonight, I'm not sure if anyone caught Tia and Tamera's reality show or not but I made sure not to miss it.

This has become one of my favorite shows on tv right now, and is by far my favorite reality show. It centers around Tamera's wedding to her long time love, Adam Housley, as well as Tia's first pregnancy with her husband Corey Hardrict. The show really enlightens viewers on the relationship these two sisters share, including the good and bad. They definitely have their moments where they don't agree, but the love they have for one another is so evident.

Tia and Tamera are definitely goofy and down to earth! Tamera pulls a bridezilla on more than one occasion, while Tia struggles with incorporating her pregnancy into her daily life. They have a few disputes because Tamera feels that Tia hasn't been there throughout her wedding dilemmas, while Tia argues that she's pregnant which makes it difficult. They're both going through a very dramatic, life changing period in life, and they have a difficult time making room for the other sister's needs. Despite it all, you can tell that both women have their heads straight on their shoulders and have the other one's best interest at heart. Not to mention each have supportive men by their sides... #winning! I sooo want them to win in life, just because they never let Hollywood change them!

If you're not already a fan of the show, I suggest that everyone give it a try. They are super funny and real, and more than anything they're NORMAL people with normal issues. The show comes on every Monday night at 9 PM on the Style Network. If a basic show like Basketball Wives can have record breaking numbers in viewers, then so can a reality show that shines a positive light on black women. On that note #ImOut.

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All Work And No Play...

Happy Monday bosses and boss chics! It's the beginning of the week again, and even though we all hate it I'm here to hopefully make it a little easier. After working and studying for school all summer, I realized that I haven't had a vacation AT ALL in the past three months. Over the weekend I took my son Trey to visit my grandma in Chesapeake where we stayed from Friday to Sunday. It wasn't an all out getaway like the ones I dream about every night lol, but I really did have fun and it was so peaceful!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Must Have!

 I want no NEED these wedged boots in my life like yesterday! I said I wasn't going to splurge on anything major this fall for my wardrobe because I'm trying to focus on saving money *rolls eyes* lol. But I just have to have these boots, no questions. These would be so fly with a pair of printed tights and a cute shirt or tank top. You can find them at Aldo for $89.99, which isn't too bad for a pair of boots from there. From the looks of things, wedged boots will be the ones to look out for this fall. I just need ONE pair and that's all. Promise! *shoegasm* lol

Are you feeling these boots?? Check below for a look I put together for these that I would definitely rock! #bossy

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Being A Boss Chic vs. Chasing Boss D***

The original boss chic Kelis "I'm bossy!"

First of all isn't the title of this post hilarious?? LOL anyway, every woman in the world thinks she's a boss chic right? And rightfully so because she should, but there is a distinct difference between REAL boss chics that seperate them from the rest. If you need to refer back to my very first post to see my definition of a boss chic then just click that link. Now to add to everything that makes a woman a "bawse", one thing that needs clarification is the difference between actually being a boss and chasing boss d*ck #letsbehonest. Let me break it down...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Positive Monday... It's A Movement

If my alarm clock wasn't my cell phone, it would probably be looking like the pic above... I WANT MY BED!!! Lol oh yeah Happy Monday! But really though, I'm in desperate need of my bed, pillow and sheets right now! A bish is tired! And I really don't know why because I was in bed super early last night. Anyway, it's #PositiveMonday again and I wanted to share with you a few good things going on around me that make me feel very positive for myself.

This past Friday my little sister from another mother Meyonka left for college for her freshman year! I'm so excited for her, especially since she's the first college student to go away in her family! I can't wait to see all that she accomplishes this year and in the years to come! Also one of my best friends, Kristen, moved out of her house for the first time, so I went to visit her yesterday. She has it set up so cute, and I know everything will work out for her! On top of that, my closest friend Tia has a job interview this week that I KNOW she's going to get (I mean she is a boss chic after all *winks*). She already has a bachelor's degree so this job would be her first big job in her field of work. I'm so excited for all three of my friends!

Sometimes absolutely nothing could be going on in your life, but it could be a lot going on for the people around you. I take to those people around me to find my inspiration and strive to be better. My life is pretty uneventful for right now (and I'm glad lol), but I know soon enough things will pick up speed again for me. Many people get jealous of those around them when things are picking up for others and not themselves. If you find yourself in a situation like that, always be happy for those around you because your blessings are coming. Be thankful that you actually surround yourself with people who are striving to do better every day, and if not you not to reevaluate your circle!!

QOTD: "Surround yourself with people that are only going to lift you higher." - Oprah Winfrey

SN: Make sure you click below for the #PositiveMonday video for the day!!
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Just Throw It In The Bag

Hate it or love it, my favorite season is over already and it's about that time for everyone to get back on their school grind. I know some cities like Atlanta have already started school, and it's only a couple of weeks before every one else follows the routine. I took two online classes this summer so I can't really say that I had much of a summer break. I'm enjoying my two week break right now before I have to hit the books again *silent cries* lol.

The main accessory that everyone needs for school, whether in grade school or college, is a hot bag. Messenger bags and back packs are usually the most popular because of the space and capacity. So I decided to post a few bags for both genders to use for their books. I posted a couple of designer bags as well as bags that I just thought were really cute and chic. Check those out below! And good luck to everyone in their 2011-2012 school year!!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Throwback of the Day

To know me is to love me and if you know me then you know I'm a huge music head. Music is everything to me! Too bad I'm just not musically inclined lol. Anyway, one of my favorite artists is Teedra Moses who just recently signed to Rick Ross' Mayback Music Group. She came out back in 2004 with a hit single called "Be Your Girl" on her album Complex Simplicity. I've been bumping songs from her debut album regularly ever since then, in hopes that she would drop something new soon!

Well I finally got my wish when she signed with Rozay, because she recently dropped her new mixtape called "Luxurious Undergrind". Let me just tell ya'll it's been playing in my car ever since I downloaded it! Teedra is so slept on, it's not even funny. I was reading another blog yesterday and the blogger had said that Teedra was going to be an artist to watch out for, but she has BEEN an artist we should've been watching for years ago. I'm so glad she's finally getting the shine she deserves, and I can't wait to see what she will come out with next!

Check below for the throwback video of the day featuring Teedra's 2004 hit "Be Your Girl". You can get more information on her at her website. Also click here to get her new mixtape "Luxurious Undergrind". If you love feel good soul, you'll love her music! #bawse *Rozay voice*

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jessica Simpson Does It Again

Jessica Simpson Bendie Pumps $90.00

How many of you died for the last pair of pumps I posted like these, but felt like it was too close to fall to splurge on them? Those were more of a summer shoe than anything, but Jessica Simpson has added another pair to her collection this time focusing more on the fall. These aren't my favorite colors but they would be really cute in the early fall with a dress or casual/chic outfit. Would you buy them??

Check out an outfit I put together for these pumps below! I paired them with a 2 in 1 jumpsuit, a silk blouse that is the same burnt orange as in the shoe, and a deep purple purse. I think either a really big purse or a cross body would look cute with this. Also I would take the two bottom halves of the shirt when it's unbuttoned and tie them together to turn the shirt into a cute crop top. If you want to spice it up even more, unbutton the sleeves and roll those up as well. Gold jewelry would look really good with this, try an earlace to make it really *pop*! Hope you like it!


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Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitty Couture

Don't ask me how I found this because I honestly don't know lol, but I was surfing google (my favorite hobby) and ran across a blog that did a feature on this new line of Hello Kitty shoes called Twenty10. I have been the biggest Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake fan since high school! I don't know why I love such childish things lol, but I still do! I've strayed away from Strawberry Shortcake but I still love me some Hello Kitty, especially the accessories. Anywho, the collection was launched by Alain Malka and should premiere during 2011 holiday season and Spring 2012. The shoes are made for women of all ages, and are supposed to give a "luxury meets lifestyle" feel. I can't wait to see what they types of shoes are designed for this line! In the pic above there's a hint of what's to come in the collection, and you can check out Hello Kitty Junkie for more sneak peeks. Also check out the actual website for Twenty10Footwear to get further details and specifics about the shoes.



Charge It To My Head, Not My Heart

I was listening to my local radio station 102 Jamz this morning on my way to work, and every morning they have a section called "Girl Talk". I love listening to different radio shows and hearing other people's opinions on social and relationship issues. This morning the topic was something that I'm constantly debating with myself about as well as others. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks about this either! I have to ask you guys, when dealing with relationships is it better to go by your head or your heart??

Of course I can't just answer this simply, lol I can't only pick one. I think it's necessary to use both, depending on the actual situation. By only using the head instead of the heart , people can't really be happy or in love in my opinion. They would be constantly running from the relationship when the smallest problems arise. Those who think this way usually carry the mindstate that they need to get out before they get left or something goes wrong. Don't get me wrong, this group of people are usually the ones who are very headstrong and independent. But at the same time they usually find themselves single, yet steady saying they don't need a man/woman lol #justsayin.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

P'cez By Kitty Monroe

Good morning bosses and boss chics! You know I'm always on the lookout for bossy fashion pieces for the low, well this time around they actually came to me instead! Over the weekend, I got an email asking if I could put this website on the blog to help get it out there. I love helping those who deserve it, so after checking out the website for myself I knew it would be a yes! OMG I love the earrings that she makes! Her name is Kitty Monroe and you can visit her website here. She has different accessories like earrings, necklaces, shoes, and sunglasses and her payments go through paypal so you know it's legit. Her earrings are also inspired by those from Basketball Wives (you know we love those!) so check them out and send some business her way!

Below I've listed some of my favorite pieces from "Kitty's Korner", but don't forget to stop by the actual site for the full collection. Once those shades in the pic above are back in stock, I will be copping a pair! #bawse


Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday :)

Happy Monday aka Positive Monday aka Money Making Money... #allat!! LOL man I barely made it this morning, I'm telling you! If I had points to call in to work, today would've been the day. I had a reallyyyyy nice weekend *bats eyes* so you know I did not want to come in at 7 am! My best friend Tia and I went out in Greensboro for her 23rd birthday Friday night (mind you, me and Tia used to be the queens of clubbing but this was our first time out in the Boro in almost a year!) My son also went with his dad Saturday so I had a free day to myself, and I must say it was well spent *bats eyes again* lol. Yesterday I spent the day at the lake which is becoming one of my favorite activities. Now I'm paying for it all by cramming in my homework all day that I should've did over the weekend #gofigure!

Anywho enough about my weekend since I can't get it back... after a Mountain Dew and 9 hours at work I'm awake! Lol and to make the day even better, we had a contest at work where the person with the most improved wrap time/handle time for last week wins a prize. Well I had the most improved wrap time so I got a $25 walmart gift card and $25 gas card. On top of that I was in the top 5 for most improved handle times over all so guess what? Ya girl gets an hour lunch for the next week! #POW!!

If that's not enough to convince you that positivity exists, then how about this. Last week my car failed inspection due to the need of new front tires. Now I had the money in my savings account but it's for future purposes, so when I realized I would have to get new tires with my hard earned money I wasn't happy at all. BUT then my lovely grandma steps on and decides she wants to take care of that for me... How sweet right?! You gotta love the people always dishing out helping hands. To top that off, I've been wanting to get my windows tinted since I first got my car, but I've been putting it off for months because I think of a hundred other ways to spend that money. Well I got a text from my daddy the other day asking if I wanted to get my windows tinted because he can get them done for free through his job. HA! I'm telling you I am winning today! Lol needless to say I'm full of energy at this point and feeling very positive! Not to mention this is the last week of the summer semester and only a test, a lab, and a power point are standing between me and my FINAL SEMESTER AT PHCC!! Isn't God good :) 

Has anything positive happened to you today?? Leave a comment and let the rest of us in on it!

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