Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Horoscope 6/1-6/7

 Here's all the horoscopes for the week of June 1st- June 7th, which would be starting tomorrow. I made a mistake last week, thinking the horoscopes would start over each Monday but it is Wednesday instead. Therefore, I'll have the horoscopes posted each Wednesday or either the Tuesday before. Click the link below to get your horoscope for the week! 

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Playing Your Position VS. Playing Dumb

Oprah & Stedman have never been married and are still
going strong... #playingtheirposition

I don't know if it's just me or does it seem like relationships barely exist nowadays?? I won't go into the whole title thing because that brings up a whole other discussion, but hear me out on this. I only know a handful of people who are actually in a committed relationship with someone and their relationship is public. Everyone else falls into a category that I like to call "arrangements". I consider "arrangements" to be those people who keep their relationship on the low, whether it may be to keep everyone out of their business or because they're doing all they can lol. This leads me to ask, when it comes to "playing your position" do you play it well or do you just play dumb?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Item Of The Day

Jessica Simpson Vadio Open Toe Pumps

Since this week's fashion post was centered around color blocking for the summer, I decided to do an item of the day post working with some type of color blocking scheme. These Jessica Simpson Vadio pumps have been etched in my brain since I first saw them! There was also another pump in this collection that was made slightly different, but that one has been sold out all over. I love the colors in this shoe! I chose to match those up with a dress that was the same fuschia as in the shoe. I tried finding a cute blue dress to add more color to the whole outfit, but I couldn't find one online that I liked. In case that I had, I would've paired that with a clutch that is one of the colors in the shoe. That way everything balances out and you're not looking like you just threw something together.

Since I paired this with a dress color that is already in the shoe, I decided to go with a blue clutch to add a different color other than what is already present. The blue pairs well with the other three colors in the shoe and with the dress when you're color blocking. Since the dress is the same color as part of the shoe, it gives you room to experiment more with colors without looking all over the place. I also wanted the jewelry accessories to be simple so they don't take the focus off the shoe. Check out the pieces that I put together for my outfit below, and let me know what you think!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyonce's New Single "1+1" Plus #ThrowbackThursday

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I checked the blogs to get my daily dose of celebrity gossip (sad I know lol)... It just so happens that Beyonce' has a new single that's supposed to be on her fourth album. The single is called "1+1" and it's a soultry, passionate ballad of course about her love for Mr. Carter. I personally love this song! You can tell she really put her heart into this one. I heard it was written by The Dream... which I always love his songs anyway. Her fourth album titled 4 will be dropping on June 28th. Will you be buying? You already know I will! lol... Check out her new single above, and check below for the #ThrowbackThursday video of the day... It's some old school Destiny's Child :)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Expectations = No Disappointments

I was sitting in my car this morning listening to my local radio station (doing all I can not to walk in to my job LOL) when I heard an interview that was done a few days ago. I'm not sure if the guy they were talking to was a relationship expert or anything, but he said something that really stood out to me. He said that relationships between men and women struggle so much because we put too much expectations on each other. He then went on to say if women want someone who will be as emotional, caring, and gentle as themselves then they might as well get a woman. And if a man wants someone who will be laid back and nonchalant with little to no drama like themselves then they may as well be with a man. Why? Because women and men are nothing alike.

Now that may sound crazy, but I think he is 100% correct. Before ya'll get yours panties in a bunch lol, let me make clear in no way am I say we all should just jump up and convert our sexuality to same sex.  Not gonna happen over here. What I'm saying is, maybe we ARE expecting too much from our partners. Of course everyone wants their significant other (bf/gf, husband/wife, play thing of the week, etc) to be PERFECT. You can deny this all you want, but it's true. We want our partner to do absolutely everything we ask, exactly how we want it, and right then and there. We want them to jump the moon and come back down for us in 10 minutes. This is fine and dandy until they start expecting the same thing back, and what happens when you can't deliver as expected?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Horoscope 5/24-5/31

I'm the type of person who is big on the zodiacs and who reads their horoscope on a daily basis. It's such a big deal to me that I even have my friends checking their horoscopes daily as well lol. A lot of times (more often than not) my horoscope is on point. It blows my mind how it's usually always pertaining to something I'm dealing with. I know many people don't believe in the signs of the stars, but nonetheless it's still kinda fun to see what they say. On that note, I've decided to try something new by posting weekly horoscopes for each zodiac sign. I'll try to do it every Monday to start off each week, but if not they will be up some time before that week is out. You can get your horoscope for this week below after the break.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

How Many Of Us Have Them?

The girls and I minus one (left-right: myself, Portia, Ashley, Tia)

A few weeks have passed since I last posted for #PositiveMondays, but that is truly my most busy and longest day at work so I don't get to blog too much. Don't hold it against me! :) Since today is Monday, it's only right for me to give my little dose of positive energy to start my readers off right. Well I have every reason to think positively today and here's why. I can count my best friends on one hand, I have four of them. This past weekend me and one of my best friends (who already graduated college) traveled to Richmond, VA for two of my other best friends' college graduations. That only leaves myself and another one of my best friends without degrees thus far, but trust and believe we'll get there.

To know everything these ladies went through to get where they are makes me SO PROUD to call them my friends. I'm the youngest of us all, so it's good having real friends to be honest with you and motivate you like mine do. We all have been friends since elementary school, so you can't even imagine everything we've been through together. For us to be able to say that we're still hanging in there, and we're on a path to greatness is EPIC to me. Mind you, we are all young BLACK females which speaks volumes in itself! We each have a "story" that leads us up to where we are. And none of our journeys have been easy. Definitely not the most difficult in the world, but not easy in the slightest. That goes to show that with hard work, determination, and the right mind state you can do and be whatever you want!

And if that isn't enough to make you feel positive, I've got one for you... Despite the "Doom's Day" predictions that were flying around the world, you're still here! The world didn't end Saturday at 6 pm to everyone's surprise *sarcastic face* so stop complaining about everything and CREATE A GOOD DAY!!

QOTD: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt

LaBellaBoss <3

Tia & I @ Portia's graduation

SN: Congrats to all 2011 Graduates!!

Celebs & Color Blocking

Remember when there was a time that people would talk about you behind your back if your clothes, shoes and accessories didn't match to a T?? Well I think it's pretty safe to say those days are out the window. Color blocking is one of the biggest trends out right now, but as we all know it's not for everyone. Some people prefer to play it safe when it comes to fashion, but if you're more on the daring side this is a neat trend to experiment with. You can check Necole Bitchie's Bitchie Life site to get more scoop on how to put your colors together when color blocking. Below I've listed pics of different celebs who have tried the trend. Will you be trying this trend or giving it a pass?

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Throwback Thursday: JLo

J to the L-O has been in the game basically since I was born. She started off as a Fly Girl for the hit comedy show In Living Color, then later became a triple threat. She's one of my favorite actresses, she can dance her ass off and she has had numerous hits under her belt. She's well known for her lead roles in Enough, Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, Monster In Law, and The Backup Plan. She just released her latest album titled Love on May 3rd of this year, and her newest hit single "On the Floor" with Pit Bull graced the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. She's also the wife of Marc Anthony, and the mother of their twins. Did I mention that she's 41 and was named as People Magazine's hottest person of the year?? She has also replaced Paula Abdul as American Idol's female judge, from which she earns a whopping $12 million. Can we say #winning!

For #throwbackthursday I've listed some of JLO's best songs since she rose to fame, my favorites being "Feeling So Good", "All I Have" with LL Cool J, and "I'm Real (Remix)" with Ja Rule! Do you think JLO still has "it" like she did back then? Let us know!

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Who Run The World??

Beyonce' premiered her new video for "Who Run The World (Girls)" during last night's episode of American Idol. I didn't get to catch it but this morning I made it a point to search the internet for the video since I believed it would be epic. I think I was one of the only people in the whole world who actually liked this song lol, but of course I love me some Bey! I loved this video, I felt like it was very creative and different and Bey brought it like she always does. BUT I don't think it lived up to the hype like it should have. One thing I can't stand is for an artist to hype up their work and keep pushing back the release date like it's about to be the greatest thing of all time! I can't understand why she hyped it up so much, but I'm pretty sure it was to give the song more buzz since it didn't receive good reviews.

My favorite part of the video was near the beginning when she was dancing with the two guys in front of her. My favorite thing about Beyonce' is how she gives her all when she's dancing and in her performances. I also thought her holding the hyenas was pretty dope, like yeah we running ish and what! Lol I wasn't fond of her on the cross at all, I didn't feel like it tied in to the purpose of the song. But overall I enjoyed the video, I loved the fashion and the "boss chic" attitude they gave in the video. How did you feel about it?? Is Beyonce' about to come back strong as usual or is she losing her touch?? Let us know!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And The Winner Is!...


So the nominees for the 2011 BET Awards were announced yesterday evening on 106&Park. Below I've listed all the categories and nominees. Now before you read on I have to ask, why is Beyonce' nonimated? Now ya'll know I'm a serious Bey STAN, but she was without a single for two years up until she premiered "Run the World" so am I missing something? I was also disappointed to see that Keyshia Cole was nowhere in the mix. More than anything, I'm shocked that Trina wasn't even nominated for Best Female Hip Hop Artist O_O... But on a good I am VERY happy to see Chris Brown back on top, as he's nominated for more awards than anyone else. I'm anxious to see how the show will go with him and Rihanna in the same building! 

The awards will air live Sunday June 26th at 8 PM. Will you be watching? And don't forget to check below for the nominees! Xoxo, LaBellaBoss <3

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LOTD Kelly Rowland @ Samsung Infuse Launch

How cute did Kelly look at the Samsung Infuse Launch last week?? She was spotted at the event with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, and others but I thought her outfit was the best. I'm about to shock myself with this statement lol... but umm is it just me or is Kelly moving on up on Bey?!? Kelly is putting in work in the fashion game! She has always had a nice style, but I think here lately she has been coming into her own more. I love everything about her whole look here, it screams classy and chic from head to toe. What I've done is listed a few items below that will give you a look similar to what Kelly is working. Hope you like it!

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Lovers & Friends

Happy Tuesday!! I'm not sure how many people watch Mob Wives, but I LOVE this show!Forget Love & Hip Hop, Toya Carter, Basketball Wives... This show right here *Katt Williams voice* is RATCHET lol. If you're not up on it yet, Mob Wives is a VH1 reality show just like Basketball Wives except this one centers around the lives of the women "married to the mob". They are either daughters or wives of notorious mobsters, who mostly are all incarcerated. (SN: It comes on Sunday nights I THINK at 8 or 9 if you want to catch it.)

Anyway, I was tuned in on Sunday night and the issue at hand was that one of the girls named Drita ended up marrying another girl Karen's ex after Karen had been dating him for seven years. Now Karen and her ex Lee first started dating in high school. They were supposedly going to get married and everything, but somehow Drita ended up messing with him and she was the one who ended up marrying Lee. Back in the day (mind you it was like 15 years since Karen dated Lee) Karen and Drita were really close friends. So in MY opinion, Drita was definitely wrong for dating Lee.

However, Karen had moved away and just recently moved back and she and Drita never got a chance to address the whole issue. Now that she is back in the area, Karen wanted to take it up with Drita to let her know she was wrong and try to get an apology. Welp if you know Drita, you know Drita is not having that lol. She wouldn't apologize to Karen at all because she didn't feel the need to. She felt like she came in the picture long after Karen and Lee broke up so it wasn't like their breakup was her fault. Really though Drita??

I don't know how other cliques operate when it comes to friends dating exes but this is the golden rule between me and my friends. There's way too many fish in the sea for you to have to date one of your best friend's exes. Some people say that it's easy to fall for someone your friends used to date because you all are around each other a lot so you already know that person. I also realized that this is a bigger issue between females, whereas males don't really care about their boys getting with their ex unless it was "wifey". Even with that said, I know plenty of guys who have knocked down their homeboys old "wifey" regardless of how serious their past relationship was.

This leads me to ask the simple yet controversial question... Would you ever date or sleep with one of your best friends exes?? Like I said to me this is a definite way to ruin your friendship, but many people don't think it's that serious. Let us know what you think! Will you be tuned in to Mob Wives in the future?? And may I add that Lee is currently incarcerated so really who's #winning Drita ^_^

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Miss Thang Is Still Standing

*Sigh* These two just make my heart melt... lol I am such a hopeless romantic! ^_^ But anyway, as you know today is #throwbackthursday and since Monica was on The Voice this past Tuesday, I decided to do a post with all her old videos. Monica has ALWAYS been one of my favorite singers. I was a huge Brandy and Monica fan, especially during the whole "The Boy Is Mine" era. I loved watching as Monica got older because she was so wise beyond her years. Her personality is one that you can't help but love. She's been through so much in her life, but yet she NEVER has anything negative to say. I'm so glad that she is happy in love with that fine Shannon Brown, and she and the kids are doing well. I can't wait to see what the new album is like!

Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the 90's because I expect all the singers nowadays to be as great as the ones back then, but it's just not happening.  I remember I had Monica's cassette tape for her The Boy Is Mine album. I would listen to it every single day... Thanks to Monica, Usher, and Brandy you couldn't tell me that I couldn't sing! LOL!  Check out some of Mo's throwback videos after the break

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Video of the Day: All Your Love

First of all let me say I am a HUGE K'la fan, so to see her with a video for "All Your Love" just made my day! I got hooked on listening to her music a few months ago when "All Your Love" first started getting airplay on the radio. Now it takes some really different, feel good, and out of the box music to make me go download a mixtape. (I'm impatient with computers and the whole downloading thing lol)... but as soon as I found out she had a mixtape out, I immediately went to get it. My best friend and I were raiding our houses to find two blank cd's so we could have it immediately LOL!

For those who don't know, K'la's first hit single "All Your Love" covers Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill's "Turn Your Lights Down Low". She speaks nothing but the truth from beginning to the end, and the rest of her mixtape is no different. She can sing AND rap, and her music actually has substance while still pertaining to the streets. Before she blows up, I'm calling it that she WILL do big things and hopefully change the game. 

Check out her new video for "All Your Love" after the break, and if interested you can download her mixtape The Coldest Winter Ever here. Is K'la on her boss chic status or what?!? 

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Battle of the Best

I'm not sure if anyone watches The Voice, but it has quickly become my favorite show! It comes on every night at 10 pm on NBC in case you want to catch it (sorry but it means you'll miss Toya lol). In a nutshell, on this show famous singers Cee Low Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton are all working together to find "The Voice".

The first two weeks of the show consisted of blind auditions where the judges had to turn their chairs away from the singers so they couldn't see their faces when performing. This helped them choose their singers based solely on talent and ability, rather than going by looks. The singers then picked their judge of preference depending on which ones turned their chairs around during the performance. If no judge turned their chair, then the singer was eliminated. Each judge had to pick a total of 8 singers a piece, which became their teams.

 Last night's episode began the second round called " The Battle". In this round, each judge had to pick two singers from their own teams to go head to head singing the same song in a boxing ring. Whoever was chosen remained on the team while the other was eliminated. The judges called upon different people to assist them with their teams. Cee Low happened to bring in Grammy award winning Monica to help him (SN: his team was my favorite last night!). He chose two of my favs Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson to compete against each other singing Pink's "Perfect" (Love this song!)... According to the judges, this was by far the toughest battle of the night and they felt like Cee Low made a dumb choice by putting these two together.

Watch the video below of them going head to head, and let us know who you think did better? I thought both were impeccable, but I personally would've chosen Vicci as well... however she was my favorite from the very first episode so I guess I'm biased! Will you be watching next Tuesday??

LaBellaBoss <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Item of the Day

For today's "Look of the Day" I stumbled across this cute Ink Block Playsuit from ASOS. First of all I LOVE rompers and playsuits for the spring and summer. They are so comfortable and chic! Depending on the design and material, they can pretty much be dressed up or down. This romper goes for $71.72 but there are tons of other designs from plenty of different sites and stores that you can find. Below I've listed a "Day Look" and "Night Look" for this romper showing two completely different ways that it can be worn. Remember you don't have to go with the exact styles that I choose; this is just to give an idea for those who want to try it. Check below for what I came up with and let us know what you think!


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Either You Do Or You Don't

I was listening to Power 105's Breakfast Club this morning with Angela Yee, DJ Envy, and Charlemagne the God; they were talking about how Eva Mendes said in an interview that she did not believe in marriage and felt like it was boring. She went on to say that most people don't even marry for the reason that marriage was specified for.. meaning love. The radio hosts went on to talk about how they felt about marriage. Angela Yee agreed that most people she knows did not get married because they were in love. She said it was either because of one person giving the other an ultimatum, she ended up pregnant and they decided to get married, or they feel like they've been together for so long they might as well get married.

Charlemagne, who willingly states how he isn't going to settle down with one woman, said that he felt like marriage was boring as well. He wanted to be able to have as many women as he pleases with no repercussions. On the other hand DJ Envy disagreed and stated that marriage was very important. But his reasoning for his response proved Angela Yee correct... He said that marriage could help you financially. While he agreed that love was important, he said that the financial gain you can encounter in a marriage makes it worthwhile.

I found this discussion funny but interesting because each person had a different response and I felt like their opinions may respresent majority of society as a whole. I personally feel like marriage should be about love first and everything else should fall into place. I do think that people tend to rush into marriage (women especially) trying to live by society's standards that they are supposed to be married with kids by a certain age. A lot of times this will cause us to marry the wrong person, and who wants to go through a messy divorce later down the road?? All I can tell you is to follow your heart and use your head in the process; having the wrong person as your husband or wife can definitely be life altering.

So how do you guys feels about marriage? Are you the type that's rushing to tie the knot, waiting to jump the broom when the time comes, or running from the alter?? Let us know your thoughts with a comment and check some of the pics below for a few celeb marriages that didn't work out so well.


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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Video of the Day

Who would have ever thought the First Lady of the United States would be dancing to Beyonce'?!? How cute is this video! I'm not sure if you all were aware, but Beyonce' teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama for the Let's Move! program for kids. I fell in love with the original video of Bey and the kids dancing! They looked like they had so much fun and they were getting it lol. Bey even hit the dougie and the catdaddy! Watch the video of the day above of Michelle Obama dancing to Beyonce's "Move Your Body" (remake of "Get Me Bodied") and check out the original video below!


LaBellaBoss <3