Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boss Chic Diaries: Quick Fix Day 2


Soooo today I was super duper hype about the diet. I could feel myself slimming down already!! (state of mind, guys lol) I was ready, I woke up went downstairs, popped the top on my strawberry Slim Fast Shake, and sipped!! To my surprise, Dominique wanted me to make him breakfast.(was that a joke?) To my advantage though, whenever it comes to me scrambling eggs, he is always over me, "teaching" me the right way to do them. Eventually he took over (as he always do) and that was a good thing. I didn't need to be tempted that early. But dig this, THEN he started throwing the ham, salt, pepper in the eggs, smh. THEN he went as far as to fry some red hots!!! Toasted the bread, spread light mustard on it, by the time he finished. I was shaking!! Ha Ha! But I held on. He offered me a forkful of eggs, but I turned them down PROUDLY!! Team A. Bad Boss!!!
 Now at work that was a different story, lets not forget to mention that I had something irritate the mess out of me before getting to work. Well, at work we have a lovely lady that always spoils us with the best sweets and finger foods ever from various places in Richmond. As a side note, I am a sucker for Snicker bars and chocolate chip cookies. And she ain't brought us no goodies in about two weeks , now she want to show out! *The Devil, The Devil* but I prevailed, until Amy, my diet partner, opened the box up and acted like she was going to pass out. She says, "I don't think half a cookie will hurt, I'll split it with you." It was like I had no will power. I was like, "Okay girl!" lol and then she was like. "Nah, it's not worth it. Let's break a piece off and see." And we did. Umm.. it was so delicious to me, but Amy made a face. She was like, "Oh this isn't worth it, and threw it in the trash." I was in heaven. I was lying like a MUGGGG, when I told her, "You right!" and threw mine in the trash too! Ha Ha.. what??? (IM HUMAN! and most times when you are irritable you eat..Sweets) So I grabbed some blueberries and worked until break time.I called my Daddy (unofficial trainer) and he happened to be talking to another (official trainer). I was drinking my Second Shake (Vanilla this time) and thinking of a good snack to go with it. I couldn't tell if I was hungry, or if it was just in my mind. I have noticed that this is much like an addiction. You have to really take baby steps. I have been used to eating so much CRAP, basically, whatever it is that I want with no reserve, that it was truly a transition taking into account this healthy ish. But my Daddy suggested a side salad from McDonalds with a Balsamic vinaIgrette. I ordered, and ate. Oh My God!!! Where has Balsamic dressing been all my life? The salad was sooooo good! I got extra motivated! Not only that, the official personal trainer, that was in the background all in me and my Daddy's conversation told me EXACTLY what I needed to hear. That was: "You want to lose your stomach in 19 days, you need to listen carefully. Blueberries, Strawberries, raspberries, apples and oranges are stomach killers." Yep, but I had ate 10 blueberries, and she told me that was all the blueberries i needed for the day. *I didn't quite get that, but oh well.* I went back to work with my bottle of water and was happy!!!
That night, I had dinner at Applebees. I am telling you, normally when I go to the 'bees its for the "Sauce"(alcohol)and some junk food.(hot wings) Of course, Dominique ordered wings, and a beer, that was extremely HARD TO WATCH, and this is no lie, the hot wings had never looked better! But you know what, I prevailed. Boy, did I prevail. I ordered a grilled chicken, some mexican rice (which may or may not have been good for me) and some steamed vegetable. ( squash, zucchini, broccoli) I was satisfied WITH a good ol' water!! MY DADDY TOLD ME ASPARAGUS WOULDVE SET THIS OFF. According to him, it is a good fat burner. If he tell me one more time, that you can smell the asparagus when you pee.. im going to puke! LOL. ALSO, did you know watermelon burns fat too! The personal trainer told me that It certainly does, but I should stay away from it for now. *Why, I don't know. Do you?*
It filled me up, I was so PROUD OF MYSELF, and according to Applebees it was under 500 calories! Yeah, it was the second night. And your girl made it:)
Boss Chic Bout' Her Business!!

I would write more but I have a pain in my leg that's killing me!! My cousin graduates High School tomorrow. Congrats C/o 2011.


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