Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Game: Episode 2 Review

Good morning boss chics and bosses ;) I apologize for being a few days behind on my review of this week's episode of The Game, classes have started this week and work has been hectic. However, I will try to maintain this site as best as possible. Anywho, as you all know the second episode our favorite show aired on Tuesday night. According to Necole Bitchie it brought in a whopping 5.9 million viewers this week! This review is a little long, but you can't slack when it comes to this show and I promise it's worth the read =)

This episode eased my heart a little more than the first. Now I enjoyed the first episode but as I previously stated, I hated Kelly's new persona and I hated how Malik was acting. I I think it's safe to say the old Kelly is back! How epic was it to see her and Tasha clowning Girl Melanie about her problems while she gets mad at them for laughing! Seriously their girl talk helps make the show so I'm happy that Tasha and Kelly made up. However, I really think the part about them having to take off their tops to get privacy from her show was a bit extra LOL #justsayin.

Now on to the fellas, what was the purpose of the twenty minute song from Jason?? Even though he was HEE-LARRY-US lol I felt like they could have used this scene towards something more meaningful. Gotta love the "Dip & Pitts" though! I must say I was really proud of Malik for the advice he gave Derwin. He caught me off guard with that one, and I agreed 100%. Melanie had been skeptical about Janay's baby being Derwin's from the beginning, and Derwin should have respected that and gotten a paternity test himself when the baby was first born #endofstory.

Last but not least, let's get to the drama! Ohhh Girl Melanie and Derwin *sigh* how I love them! From the beginning of the episode I just knew that Derwin was gonna leave her. How convenient was it for Janay to show up at the exact moment that Melanie was going to be honest with Derwin?? Drama, drama, drama! I feel bad for Mel and Derwin both for having to deal with that BITCH (#yeahIsaidit).. She is so bitter and such a hater. From day one she has always wanted what Melanie has and it sickens me. This is mean but it would make my day if something happened to Janay and Melanie and Derwin got to raise DJ on their own, then have their own little baby and be a happy little family #wishfulthinking... I think it's gonna take for Derwin to snap on Janay for her to STFU! Oh I got mad lol..

Anyway, as usual when everything hit the fan Mel was ready to give up on her relationship and was quick to run out. Thank God for Derwin being a real man and for stepping up and telling her they were in it together. I appreciate him for wanting her to go to church with him. Should he demand it? No, but if she wants this marriage to work she'll go. Should he have told her to never mention his ratchet baby mama or his son DJ? No, that's a topic that's going to be unavoidable for the next 18 years and hopefully he'll realize that sooner than later. The icing on the cake for me was when he took her bag off her shoulder and sat it down as if saying "You not going anywhere, you staying here with me" #epic. Derwin got me waiting on that one man that stops me when I leave and who'll do anything to keep me!! LOL (but that's a whole other post that can go for days)..

Bottom line, I think this episode made the characters a little more like themselves and I really enjoyed that. I've seen people on facebook, twitter, and other blogs giving this show HELL! We waited two years for this comeback, signed online petitions, and griped and complained about having to watch reruns every day. Now that it's here half of us still aren't satisfied. Please understand that this show was cancelled and basically GONE for two whole years. It has since been moved to a new location (the cause of the scene differences) and has been moved to a new network. All I'm saying is, if you worked this hard to get your favorite show back why would you give up on it after two episodes? At least support it every week so it gets the proper amount of viewers to continue for more seasons. All in all, I'm satisfied with the season thus far... I'm just happy that its back!! 

Click here for a preview of next week's show on Necole Bitchie's site! Hope you guys continue to support the show =)


SN: If anyone wants to buy me seasons 1-3 for my birthday, it's February 8th LOL #dontworryillwait!


  1. Nice review of "The Game" I was very suprised at the outcome of this epoisde because I do think they are moving a litte to fast because they've had a serious argument already and then they have already worked it in out in two eposides. Now, I do like the fact they are going to work things out but Derwin does need to realize this isn't the end on Janay and him and Mel are married which means his business is her business! He also shouldn't be so demanding of her , but I hope things workout for the best! And I hope she smacks the shit out of Janay because she is def. Real J! Lol


  2. First off I want to say I loved this episode. I so love Derwin, and the fact that he is God-Fearing and respectful, but stern and firm in what he wants! I love a man to go to church but i disagree with him telling her not to mention Janay and the baby! Please.. they are married.. both of their problems.. I dont think nothing was wrong with the scen about Tasha and Kelly and Mel takin their shirts off.. I dont think it was extra because DUH they were trying to get them not to SHOOT a personal, intimate scene! I loved Kelly and Tasha getting back together but Really .. I cant imagine Tasha being scared of kelly! Lastly.. I wish ppl would stop hating on the game after two episodes too. U are going to still watch and even if things are a little different its better than half the crap on TELEVISION!

  3. Derwin is a cutieee !