Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High Heels and High Standards

This past weekend, I went out to a local spot in town with one of my best friend and had a ball! But being the person that I am, I notice and give meaning to every little thing lol.. With that being said, there was this guy that came up and asked me for my number. Mind you, I had seen him numerous times with his girlfriend, so I told him just that. You know "Sorry but I see you with your girlfriend all the time and I don't get down like that". So he laughed it off and said his girlfriend had nothing to do with me and he just wanted to take me out and buy me nice things.. PAUSE

Now this scenario can go two ways, I can either accept and allow this man to take me out knowing I could never have all of him because he is already obligated to someone.. OR I can take the classy route and decline. So that's what I did. I let him know I don't condone cheating, and I won't play a part in it. Now most of you know the typical male response goes something like "oh you wasn't all that anyway" lls! However, his response threw me for a loop.. He said "Yo that's what's up, I like you.." And that made me put some things into perspective: Guys have a certain type of respect for women with class and high standards.

Think about this, if I had told him yes and allowed him to take me out, that's not only saying screw your girlfriend it's showing that I have no respect for his relationship. Furthermore I have no standards. But because I turned him down, he realized that money and fine dining can't win me over. It takes more than that to capture MY heart. Therefore he could possibly see me as above all the rest, untouchable maybe. Lots of times a woman is classy on the outside, but is ready to get down and dirty at the drop of a dime. I promise ya'll guys see right through these women #trust.

Remember that men who have money give it away easily, and just because a man offers you money it doesn't neccesarily mean he's going to wife you up. There's plenty more where that come from. Do you honestly think he would be offering to spend money on me AND his girlfriend if he didn't have enough to do so? Ehh I think not. All I'm saying is, don't just be a pretty face or nice body sleeping with any and everybody, doing things for money, or just talking to guys who will never be your boyfriend just because. If you gonna rock the high heels, have high standards. #thatisall

SN: How much you wanna bet somebody read all of this and all they're wondering is whose boyfriend tried to get with me?? LOL think outside the box in 2011!



  1. Great blog post bestie....a lot of females need to understand that men use the money as a means of control...cause a lot of girls will do anything for the next dollar!...glad we have never been on that!!!

  2. I agree! Money is dispensible to some of these guys, so yes they're gonna give it away with no hesitation (well some of them) and u gotta watch that... nothing in life is free

  3. Yeah I can tell this dude and plenty like him are just feeling themselves..any man like that cant possibly have ne respect for his mother or future wife! -Elise

  4. It amazes me how some women would have fallen for this dude with the quickness. Setting Standards are very important because if you dont stand for something you will fall for anything. Sleeping around and creeping around just for status and material purposes only lead to heartbreak and fakeness. Believe you are worth time, money, mental stimulation, and worth being the only ONE.