Monday, January 10, 2011

Positive Mondays!!

Here is your chance to inspire or be inspired. Positive Mondays is about empowering and uplifting each other on what can be the most frustrating, hectic day of the week! Please feel free to share experiences on how you encountered a positive experience today. It could be something you did or said to someone or vice versa; a quote, song, or thought that incorporates positivity!

Quote of the Day: Positivity brings forth productivity..its a MOVEMENT!


  1. POSITIVITY is contagious...u see how many ppl u got looking fwd to POSITIVE MONDAYS??? I love it! my positive experiences have doubled since I start letting God lead me...and this Christmas I went to pay a bill and they said I owed only a third of whaT I thought I had 2 pay....I immediately thought of some awesome young women I wanted to bless!!! I am so sure their POSITIVE attitudes made me think of them 1st!!!! OH YES...Its contagious!! #getsomehaters

  2. Positive Energy IS CONTAGIOUS! I've had enough negative experiences to realize that being positive,hopeful, and faithful can bring about the biggest changes. Around Christmas time, I was "BLESSED" by someone, out of the blue who had been blessed, and it assured me that when you allow God to lead you in life, all of the things he promised us will begin to manifest. I believe in Faith and Works. The act was selfless, and it assured me that each of us has a purpose. Some of those are to uplift and inspire! POSITIVE MONDAYS!!! Who want some? #IGOTHATERS:) but i love em' and leave em'..unless they want some of this pos energy :)

  3. Positive Energy IS contagious.. I have been through so much in such a short amount of time, and somehow I still find ways to remain positive. I as well was lucky and blessed enough to receive a financial blessing from a very inspirational figure in my life who received her own blessing. You never know who is watching you, so you should always represent what you're about! #HiHaters Take that! :)