Thursday, January 6, 2011

Whose Man Is it Anyway?

This is an ever going cycle... all different races, cultures, etc. Everyone knows about cattiness and pettiness, hell, I have even participated in it a time or two.. yeaahhhhh back in high school. But you can not, and I will say it over and over again, can not be on your boss girl grind, if one you are arguing over a man; two, if you are using a social networking site to do so; and three, if he is on the social networking site allowing this bullshit to go on. 
If you are grown, if you have that love that can get or keep a man, you do not EVER have to CONTINUOUSLY JUSTIFY IT OVER A SOCIAL NETWORK. Keep in mind that you are not bossy, therefore you're classless; and to imply that your life is someone's entertainment is probably the best way to put it. Especially if you are on my friend's list or on my friend's friend's list, Boss Chics will have these reactions to themselves..*SMH* *Sips Tea* *Tunes IN* or plain *LOL*. Have you thought about the fact that once you start, it is easy to stay infused inside this drama? What is the MAN doing? Hell, if he wanted ONE of YOU,, he would prove it and put that messy ish to a complete HALT!
Whose Man Is It Anyway?? All the ratings you have gained over this SOAP OPERA, calls for you to get a Reality Show and Name it Whose Man Is It Anyway? Before you know it, you have involved your family, your friends, and everybody except dude. He got both of you, he tells you one thing, and her another. Is this worth it? "Don't worry I'll wait.. " *Katt Williams voice* You dont even have to call a truce over the social networking site... that's not what it is for. True Love will not have you going in circles or doubting your status in the relationship.  All the extra drama is unnecessary and it doesn't help prove a point, it makes you look dumb. It is IGNORANT, GHETTO, And CHILDISH.  That's all in a nutshell.  I could elaborate, but no need. BOSS CHICS SHOULD KNOW WHY. But as long as you amateurs keep it up..I'll be tuned in.  *TURNS CHANNEL*
Signing Off,
Question: Is it EVER Necessary To Go Online To Defend Your LOVE? Let me know.

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  1. If you have to go online, or to somebodys home, basically outta the way to defend ya love ...that love is not mutual because clearly somebody else its getting the loving to besides you