Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Item of the Day

For today's "Look of the Day" I stumbled across this cute Ink Block Playsuit from ASOS. First of all I LOVE rompers and playsuits for the spring and summer. They are so comfortable and chic! Depending on the design and material, they can pretty much be dressed up or down. This romper goes for $71.72 but there are tons of other designs from plenty of different sites and stores that you can find. Below I've listed a "Day Look" and "Night Look" for this romper showing two completely different ways that it can be worn. Remember you don't have to go with the exact styles that I choose; this is just to give an idea for those who want to try it. Check below for what I came up with and let us know what you think!


LaBellaBoss <3

Day Look:

ASOS Ink Block Playsuit $71.72

ASOS Leather Boyfriend Belt $35.86

ASOS MARKY Traditional Oxfords $62.76

I chose the brown oxfords and waist belt because they don't over power the black and white in the romper or make the colors run together. If I had chosen a black waist belt, the pattern in the romper would be less noticeable. The brown belt and oxfords make it "pop" and since they are all neutral colors, they pair well together.

Night Look:

ASOS Ink Block Playsuit $71.72

GUESS Artistana Pump $99.99

GUESS Hugs Slim Clutch $38.00

I guess you could say my "Night Look" is more simplistic than most. I don't like for my outfits to be doing too much so my motto is "Less Is Best". On that note, I simply paired the romper with a pair of Guess pumps and a cute but simple Guess clutch. The clutch and shoes are both simple but they have a chic appearance and feel to them. When all three items are put together, they stand out without over powering one another.

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