Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Boss Day!!!!!!

Happy Birthday LaBellaBoss!!!!!!!

It's your birthday and I want your followers to know how proud I am of you!!

You have grown the boss chic files brand into something that will continue to evolve for the better just like you! You make girls, tweens, teens, and women proud to be themselves and proud to be bossy and chic in whatever way they feel. Now whose more bossy than LaBellaBoss on Feb. 8? The hot, eccentric, bubbly, friendly, loving, great mother, daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, and friend continues to break barriers and defining her bossiness. You've earned a degree, you're hard working, you're a mom, and you still find time to kick it with your girlfriends, your boo thing, and blog about life as we know it. You are the "circle's" baby sis so you know we are going to spoil you with praise for a day!! From the bottom of my heart I wish you nothing but love and prosperity and I hope your birthday is full of awesome surprises!! Happy Birthday Shants! You rock!

All the best on your day,

A. Bad Boss :)

~~Happy Birthday 23rd to my Boss Chic ! I  hope you enjoy your day and I wish you many more to come ! I'm so proud of you and all your accomplishments ! Keep striving & keep aiming for success ! The best is yet to come :) be BAWSE <3


** We've been through good days and bad days with one another but we have never let each other down. We've shared so many memories over the years and I'm looking forward to making many more in the future. I hope today brings you so much happiness. Happy birthday I love you doll!


Leave your birthday wishes for the boss chic right here on the boss chic files and make our sis feel bossy for her birthday!
*Throws Birthday Shades On*


  1. Happy Birthday Shanta! Your style, class, and encouraging words make any teen girl want to be like you. You're such an inspirational and intelligent young woman. Keep smiling and enjoy your day! :)

  2. I just cried reading this!!! Lol I love you girls so much! Thanks for making my day that much more special! Y'all are the best ;)

  3. Awwwww this was so sweet! Happy Bithday purrtttyyy!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!(: