Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Throwback Thursday] The Best To Ever Do It

Before we go any further in this post, let me just get ya'll to focus on how breathtakingly beautiful THE Miss Whitney Houston looks in these two pictures above! I didn't know until after she passed that she modeled before she became the powerhouse singer that she was, but the reasons are so obvious! She was gorgeous!

You'd have to be living under a complete sheet of rock to have not heard the news of Whitney's passing, as she was found dead just the night before the Grammy's at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. I'm not here to go into the details of her death or any of that, I just wanted to show my respect for what I consider to be the biggest voice ever. I've never heard any other female who could hit the notes that she did and so gracefully. She never missed a beat or a note in her hayday, and no other voice could even begin to compare to hers.

Instead of doing a post of one of her old videos since I know they've been showing them on tv constantly this week, I decided to do a post on one of her old performances instead. That way we could actually see for ourselves just how great of a singer she was, not only on recorded songs but also live. Below you can find her Superbowl performance from 1991 as she sings the National Anthem like no one else could ever do. I don't think I've ever heard this sung in any better way!

Check the video out below, and make sure you keep Miss Houston's family, friends, and fans in your prayers! The industry and world have really lost a great thing in Whitney... she paved the way for so many other singers! RIP Whitney Houston... the best to ever do it!

LaBellaBoss ♥


  1. my tears dropped by the time this video was over,,smh I'm such a mess over this,,,,,,but anyway, the power in her voice is so overwhelming,,,she was amazing! RIP whitney! -Dee

  2. I KNOW you were crying during the funeral then!! Her service was so full of her spirit, I was so glad they showed it on tv