Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Being A Boss Chic vs. Chasing Boss D***

The original boss chic Kelis "I'm bossy!"

First of all isn't the title of this post hilarious?? LOL anyway, every woman in the world thinks she's a boss chic right? And rightfully so because she should, but there is a distinct difference between REAL boss chics that seperate them from the rest. If you need to refer back to my very first post to see my definition of a boss chic then just click that link. Now to add to everything that makes a woman a "bawse", one thing that needs clarification is the difference between actually being a boss and chasing boss d*ck #letsbehonest. Let me break it down...

Being a boss chic, boss b*tch, bawse, or whatever you decide to call yourself halfway comes natural and the rest comes from the work that you put in. Young women these days are taught to carry themselves as ladies, to be strong and independent, and empower the world right? I know plenty who have these traits all in different ways. However, some women really aren't hitting on jack and think just because the men they date are bosses, they automatically become boss chics. #negative.

I've seen so many times where a chic is dating a guy who's about his paper and he's a certified boss. Well two months later that same chic is dating someone else with that same boss status as the last. Trust me most of these women don't stop at just two, they keep going from "boss" to "boss" trying not to fall of that wagon. BUT if they were just boss chics in their own rights without the man, they wouldn't have this issue. See boss chics ride their own wagons. They date bosses because they already have their lives in order for the most part and are looking for someone to match their fly. Better yet, they don't even have to look because those same bosses that the bum chics keep running behind, are looking for boss chics instead.

When you find yourself chasing behind a man just because of his status, it's an never ending cycle. How can you really find happiness if you're only focusing on one thing? Not only that, but you're supposed to be dating a man because of how he makes you feel not what he can do for you. Always go for your own rather than waiting for a man to do everything for you. You'll get so much more respect that way. Have you ever thought about a chic and wondered how she keeps getting baller after baller? Don't... Just see how long she keeps each one and you'll already know what the deal is!

#stepyacookiesupandallat :)

LaBellaBoss <3

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