Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Want... Military Style Rainboots

I am a huge combat boot lover and I LOVE these rain boots! I like to try to be different in everything for the most part, and thanks to my mom I've developed a love for military style rainboots. I love these much more than regular rainboots. I have a pair from Dirty Laundry that have silver buckles on the side and they actually can be worn as regular boots (although I don't wear them that way because they make my feet feel heavy lol).

The rainboots above are another pair that are by Dirty Laundry and can be found here or at Baker's stores for $65.00. I really like the style of these since they give that military vibe like mine do. Idk it's something about that kick ass bad girl style that I love... kind of like Angelina Jolie/Megan Fox. These are definitely giving me that look. Are you feeling these??

LaBellaBoss ♥

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