Tuesday, November 22, 2011

...So I Know It's Real!

Not too long ago on twitter there was a trending topic that said #SoIKnowItsReal that was basically imitating the MMG song "Tattoo my name so I know it's real". This trending topic was built for people to tweet things that they wanted someone to do for them to let them know the love/relationship is real. I ended up going in on this for awhile and made jokes about it because I thought it was pretty funny. Yesterday my best friend Tia and I were joking about it, and we said that basic b*tches would say "Put a hickie on my neck #soIknowitsreal" LOL!

This made me wonder what makes people feel like their relationships are the real deal? At what point do you know for sure that certain person really cares about you? I don't think there's really a defining moment for me, but there are moments that lead up to me seeing that someone really cares. Like if they do little things just to make me smile or go out of their way to call me even when they're busy, then that makes me pretty happy and I feel like that person might genuinely care. As I said, I really pay attention to detail so if a guy goes out of his way to bring me lunch or something like that on more than one occasion then maybe we're on to something.

It's not just the little things that matter though, the big things play a part as well. Shoot introduce to me ya mama #soIknowitsreal lol. These tweets were hilarious but at the same time they spoke the truth about what a real relationship should be like. When someone really cares about you, you definitely know. And I don't mean today they show it and then tomorrow they don't. You'll really know. But this made me ask, what would you expect or want someone to do for you to show you it's real? I surely don't want anyone tattooing my name, but I'll list a few of mine below. Feel free to leave a comment and do the same! Don't be ashamed about it, it's all fun and games over here :)

Check out my list below!

LaBellaBoss ♥

  • Wash my hair for me #soIknowitsreal LOL (I hate doing it myself)
  • Get my son to like you #soIknowitsreal
  • Put a ring on it #soIknowitsreal
  • Bring me soup and crackers when I'm sick #soIknowitsreal (that's love lol)
  • Say my name on the phone #soIknowitsreal LOL
  • Buy me seperate birthday (Feb 8th) and Valentine's Day gifts #soIknowitsreal
  • Make me breakfast in bed #soIknowitsreal
  • Let me pick what movie we going to see #soIknowitsreal LOL
  • Wash my car for me without me asking #soIknowitsreal
  • Take me on a vacation #soIknowitsreal
  • Give me well thought out gifts instead of money for holidays #soIknowitsreal
  • Let me drive your whip through the hood during the day, windows down #soIknowitsreal LMAO!
Wait, last but not least...

Buy me the iphone 4S for Christmas #soIknowitsreal!!! Lmao! I had to throw that in there just in case anybody wants to profess their love to me and you don't know how to go about it... the iphone is key LOL


  1. Be there for me WHENEVER I need you not just when its convenient #soIknowitsreal

    Take me to your family get togethers #soIknowitsreal

    Take me around your boys #soIknowitsreal

  2. I love your answers! When you make it to the family get togethers you know it's official lol... And the thing with being around their boys is a good one too. Shoot introduce me to your boys as "the one" #soIknowitsreal LOL