Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Family Over Everything, That's My Attitude

Good morning bosses and boss chics! I apologize for not getting to the Positve Monday post yesterday but I had a very hectic weekend which I'm about to fill you in on now. As some know, I was supposed to be leaving this past Friday to go to Norfolk for Norfolk State's homecoming. I had taken off work and was going to hit the road around 10 am. Originally my best friend Tia and I were supposed to go together but she wasn't able to get off work for the days she needed.I had changed my plans to stay at my grandma's in Chesapeake for the weekend and just drive to wherever I'm going from her house, but my plans were immediately altered after my mom called me Thursday night.

My grandma's brother who we all call Uncle B had been having problems with his heart for awhile now, and had to get surgery on this past Thursday. Everyone in our family was aware of this but we had no idea that the outcome would be what it was. I'm not a medical specialist but to my understanding what happened is that he went into cardiac arrest after his initial surgery. They immediately had to perform another surgery which was when I received that call from my mom. At this point we didn't know if he was going to make it or not, and if you know my uncle you'd be devastated by this news. He is such a fun person to be around and so free spirited. He's very much like myself as far as being open minded and non judgmental. He's always been my favorite because he relates to me more than anyone else, and has always treated me with respect as a young adult rather than looking at me as beneath him because of my age. We just bond on a special level like that! I think every member of my family bonds with him in some form as I do. He's one of the central people in our huge family that holds us all together. Uncle B is still only in his 40's which is way too young to be having the complications that he's had, so it's been pretty stressful knowing what all he's been going through.

At that point I decided to change my plans and ride with my mom to NOVA to be with my family and support my uncle instead of going to Norfolk for the weekend. I ended up getting to see all of my family in the process. While I hate the reason we were all together, we were still together nonetheless all in support of family. By Sunday my aunt had received a call that Uncle B had finally awaken from his medically induced sleep. He had been out since Thursday so this was the best news we had heard yet! My mom got to go back to the room to see him before hitting the road and he was responsive and recognized who she was. Later that night my aunt had called my mom to tell her that he had but drinking juice and his bed had been raised up so he could watch the game. I'm so happy that everything is turning around, and hopefully we'll have our "Tin Man" (my aunt calls him this b/c of Tin Man in Wizard of Oz #socute) back to normal sooner than later!

At the end of the day having a family that you can depend on through your darkest times in life is one of the best feelings in the world. Your family doesn't even have to be blood, but just that group of people around you that you know will be there for you through thick and thin. I'm glad to be able to say that I am family to the people I love and that love me; and I'm positive that if anything were to happen to me those same people would be there for me no matter what. *throws shades on*

LaBellaBoss ♥


  1. Lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts - such a compelling point of view. Love you bunches!

  2. you bought me to tears:) Love you too and I am getting better.....hope to see u soon, Neycha doesn't want me on the computer to long so I getting off before I hear her mouth....