Thursday, December 23, 2010

How Do You Celebrate?

Ahhhh it's my favorite time of the year (minus the weather) and Christmas is finally almost here! With the best day of the year only two days away, I felt the need to share what Christmas means to me. First of all, no one should EVER forget that Jesus is the reason for the season. Without his birth, Christmas would not exist. We would have nothing to give or receive. We would not even be here today. So make sure you give thanks to the man above and his son for giving you a reason to celebrate!

Now Christmas is supposed to be the time of giving. Personally, I get a thrill out of giving gifts. It feels so good seeing my loved ones open gifts that I put thought into. If they appreciate what I pick out, it makes it even better. I try my best to find gifts to fit each person specifically, maybe even show them that I know more about them than they think I do.

My family is big on tradition, but I don't think we notice that we are. Every year we all meet up at my grandma's house and she makes breakfast for our family. After breakfast we all gather around the tree to open our gifts. We don't start opening gifts until the whole family is there. This family consists of myself and my son, my aunt and uncle and their two kids, my aunt and her son, my brother and father, and my grandparents. So it's pretty big! My grandpa is always the man behind the camera, and has yet to miss a Christmas on tape. Since majority of us have two families, after the gift opening is complete we part ways until dinner.

From that time until dinner, I visit my mom's family. We usually gather at one of my aunt's houses and everyone exchanges gifts. We all eat dinner together and laugh and share memories. I promise there's never a dull moment, and eggnog and singing Christmas songs are a MUST with them! ^_^ After Christmas with my mom's family, I go back home to my grandmother's and eat again (I'm a fatty) until it's time to partyyyy with my girls and whomever can hang with us! LOL!

I know for some people it's difficult to get in the Christmas spirit these days. Bills, deaths of loved ones, and just the times of the world in general will leave anyone feeling depressed during the holidays. But let us all remember that each of us have SOMETHING to be thankful for, we all have at least ONE reason to smile, and there is at least ONE person in the world that loves each of us... God. With that said, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and mine to you and yours!

*Smooches* LaBellaBoss <3


  1. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and is definitely a time to celebrate Jesus and spend time with loved ones. I love to give gifts because I enjoy putting a smile on other people's faces. Our family tradition consists of first waking up really early since we can't sleep late because of my two nephews racing to the tree to see what Santa brought, which is my favorite part. I really can't talk since I wake up before them. Yes, I'm a big kid lol. After opening presents, we usually eat breakfast and wait til later in the evening to eat dinner. Then we all go down my grandma's with my daddy's side of the family. Unfortunately, this Christmas will be extremely different being that my mama will not physically be here with us. Kinda hard getting into the holiday spirit. I would give up all of the presents, ect. to get her back, but I'm going to try and make the best of it, knowing that she will be looking down on us. Christmas was her favorite holiday so I'm trying to do all the things she did, wanting to make her proud. However, I hope that everyone have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  2. Aww Kristi thank you for commenting first of all! The gift of giving is the best part of Christmas to me... I'm glad I was able to give gifts to all of my loved ones this year. I'm sure Christmas will be difficult for you this year without your mom. Just keep God first and think about the good times you shared with her. She would want you to be happy for the holidays. You and your family will always be in my prayers because there was a time in my life where you all accepted me as family! Much love!!

  3. im late.. but I celebrate every year the same way, traditionally. Im always last minute shopping.. and on Christmas morning..we wake my sister up at the crack of dawn 5:30 sometimes 6 a.m. and once we open up presents we drive to the country to my GRANDMAS! thats the best.. bc she has a gigantic christmas tree! with a million presents.. then I come home and dress up:) go to My friends (maybe) to my bf's grandmas and then my Aunts where my family gets it in!!! Soul train lines, drinks, family time is the best time. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT! and once its over.. im sad again..bc I want that fam time back! but the next morning we go back to my aunts house for brunch and games! I love it!