Friday, December 3, 2010

Minnie Muse with Forever21

Minnie Muse Sunglass Sweater $19.80

Hey my Boss Chics! For all the fashionistas out there, Forever21 has teamed up with the legendary Minnie Mouse for a line called Minnie Muse. Minnie Mouse is one of those few cartoon characters that can actually be stylishly incorporated into clothing. Not only are these items fashion forward, but also a nice price. Check out a few more of the pieces:

Minnie Sequin Skirt $17.80
Muse Nameplate Necklace $5.80
Minnie Muse Double Ring $5.80

SN: These double finger rings are really in right now

Strut Your Stuff Minnie Muse Top $17.80

Demure Minnie Muse Rhinestone Top $19.80

For more items in the Minnie Muse collection, shop here

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