Monday, December 27, 2010

Must Have Winter Hats

Kim K

Majority of the people I know prefer summer over winter, but I think every one can agree that winter is the best season for fashion. Boots, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc can all make or break your outfit. My next few posts will be of this season's accessories to help you boss chics stay fly throughout the winter. Below I've listed some of this season hottest hat styles. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Fur Hats

David & Young Faux Fur Trapper
Hat $29.99 at Macy's

ASOS Leather Look & Fantasy
Fur Hood $24.14

David & Young Faux Fur Head
Wrap $17.99 at Macy's

ASOS Fantasy Fur Deerstalker

Forever21 Faux Fur Trapper Hat
w/ suedette lining $12.80

ASOS Raccoon Tail Fantasy Fur
Head Band $15.52

Fedora Hats

Helene Berman Classic Eyelet
Trilby $51.72 at ASOS 

Brixton Felt Feather Trilby Hat
$50.00 at ASOS

Forever21 Wool Fedora w/ Bow

ASOS Wide Brim Fedora

ASOS Fantasy Fur Short Tippet

Forever21 Sequin Glitz Fedora
$10.80 (#myfav!)

Reiss Delwin Women's Weave
Trilby $41.38 at ASOS

Catarzi Felt Satin Ribbon Tie Trilby
 Hat $24.14 at ASOS

I hope this helps!

-LaBellaBoss <3


  1. I so want the Forever21 gray wool with bow!

  2. I love the fedora hats because you can either play them up and get dressy with them or play them down and just be casual