Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We Are Family

I know, I know... I've definitely been slacking this week on the Boss Chic Files smh, but I was busy enjoying all the 4th of July festivities and time with family. To make up for it I thought I would recap my weekend and holiday because it was just that epic! :-P

First of all the family reunion for my paternal grandfather's family was this weekend. Now this is the one side of my family where I really don't know anyone except those that still live in our hometown. Every year they had family reunions in the past, I was always gone to the beach with my mom's family for our annual beach house trip. Anyway, I wasn't initially thrilled about giving my 4th of July weekend away to distant family that I didn't know because I thought everyone would be much older than myself. I got fooled! I met different cousins that I didn't even know I had and they were mostly right around my age. Also one of my cousins from Ohio came home, whom I hadn't seen in at least 12 years (Crazy right??) If you know me, you know I get so excited about meeting different family members because I think it's so cool to see how differently we all grew up. Needless to say, I knew the weekend was going to be a good one after all.

I spent the whole weekend with my family... we ate good, laughed and joked, reminisced, (drank good LOL) and I even found myself bonding with my immediate family on my dad's side as well. Even though I grew up around them all, a lot of my personality comes from my mom so I always felt like I looked at everything differently. It felt good being able to be open with them and talk about any and everything, especially with my dad. On top of that, my little sister from another mother Meyonka spent the whole weekend with me. The way she thinks, acts and the things she goes through reminds me so much of myself only 3 1/2 years my junior. She and I took a VERY last minute spur of the moment trip to Greensboro and hit the club scene Saturday night, which I hadn't done in MONTHS. We had so much fun, and I LOVE doing things out the blue. Since I hadn't pulled a stunt like that in quite some time, I got a kick out of it lol. Btw that was her first real club experience and I think I showed her how to have a good time prettyyyy well :)

Since Monday was a holiday, I was off and I couldn't have been happier. I didn't have to work my ten hour shift this week, and still got to enjoy my early day off today! My best friend Tia and I took my son Trey to see the fireworks on Monday night and he loved them. Being able to do things with him and for him makes my life worthwhile. As a matter of fact I think he had more fun than ANYONE else at the family reunion this weekend. He definitely was passed out as soon as we got in the car leaving each event every night lol! 

It's amazing how good being around family and friends can make you feel. I always hate going in to work after a good, long weekend so needless to say I was not happy yesterday lol. However, I looked up my newly found cousins on facebook yesterday as well as exchanged numbers so I'm positive we'll be keeping in touch! There's nothing better than family, and I'm always ready to give love to mine. 

Leave me a comment and let me know how your 4th of July weekend went! Are you going to be making major plans for next year's holiday?

LaBellaBoss <3

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