Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BodyCon at Forever21

I'm pretty sure everyone is already up on these super cute bodycon dresses and skirts that all the celebrities are wearing. They're really tight and show off every curve on your body (hint: they're definitely not meant for everyone)... I'm not even sure I would wear one, I just think my hips are a LITTLE too big to be squeezing into a short and tight dress or skirt lol. However, I think these are perfect for lean/tall women, or even petite women. I was browsing the internet and noticed that Forever21 has a special section on their website just for bodycon pieces... and get this, they're all less than $30 and are as low as $5.50. You cannot beat that!

On that note, I decided to turn you guys on to some of my favorite pieces from their collection. If I'm not going to look cute in one, somebody else might as well! LOL.. You can basically wear the skirts any way you want, whether you dress them up or dress them down. They look really cute with lace blouses and tanks for a chic look, or you can dress them down by tucking in a button down shirt. Check below for some of my favorite bodycon pieces from Forever21 and check their website to get the full collection.

Also check below for a picture of my best friend rocking her bodycon skirt on her Miami trip... I swear no one has the legs to wear them like she does lol. It's also her 23rd birthday today so shout her out on twitter if you have one at @i_c_u_trixi!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIA!!

LaBellaBoss <3

Basic Body Con Skirt

Blooming Body Con Skirt


Fitted Lace Skirt

Abstract Striped Body Con Skirt

Neon Striped Waist-Over BodyCon Skirt

Colorblock Bandage Skirt

Ruched Knit Dress

Layered Pleats Dress

Fitted Matelasse' Dress

Racerback Bandage Dress

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