Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time Waits For No One

What's up bosses and boss chics! I know ya'll are probably laying me out right now since I haven't posted in a week, but I have been super productive in other areas so please be patient with me. Your girl has been getting it INNN with her biology book for the past week lol, and it paid off because I got a B on my FOUR chapter test #whew! Sunday I also flat ironed my hair which hadn't been done in a good two months. It took me a whole three hours, and let me just say that won't be happening again for awhile unless I have a volunteer! lol...

I really wanted to just catch you guys up to speed with what's been going on with me for the past week. I feel like any time I don't blog, I owe my readers an explanation. I'm a big fan of celebrity blogs as you all know, and I start getting the shakes if my favorite websites don't update regularly! lol I'm joking but you catch my drift :) Anyway, I was sitting here trying to figure out how I could tie this blog with something a little motivational since I obviously missed Positive Monday and the thought of time popped into my head.

I swear time is the biggest issue in my life right now. We don't even realize how time is everything. Well everything in my life just happens to run on a timed schedule. Work consumes half of my time, point blank. There's just no way around it.  The other half breaks down between school and taking care of Trey. Yeah I could just quit school and make more time for myself but then I'd be basic and who wants that lol. So the little bit of time I have left after my three obligations (and I do mean little) is what I use for me and whatever I please. I'm ALWAYS driving fast no matter where I'm going. I do get a kick out of speeding lol I drive fast mostly because I always have to be somewhere by a certain time. I have to leave my house by a certain time to get Trey to school at a certain time in order to make it to work on time. Any time I have to take a test at school, I have to pick up Trey from school as soon as I get off so I can drop him off at home and make it to the college all within an hour or I'll miss the test taking deadline. Any time I'm having my "me time", I'm constantly watching the clock because I know that time of freedom never lasts long and I'll be obligated to do something before I know it. (Come to think of it, time is becoming a b*tch to me!! LOL)

I said all this to make a point that time REALLY waits for no one. Most people are either always pressed for time like myself, or have way too much time on their hands. If you find yourself in a situation like mine where you never have time for you, keep in mind that your time is coming. It definitely gets stressful, but time that is well spent usually always pays off in the end. Just make sure you find time for yourself somewhere in there for the sake of your own sanity! Those with too much time on their hands are usually the ones who stay in some drama, and I can guarantee their "good times" won't always last. Those are the people that you look at while you're over here struggling to make your life better and they're over there living what looks like the "good life". Yet you wonder how they managed to get that good life if they never put in any work OR time. It really amazes me how those people find the time to club every weekend, can afford to live on their own, eat good and the whole nine but they never put in any work.

Time definitely waits for no one, and those same people who are ahead today with no efforts, probably won't be tomorrow. And while you're financially stable in the long run with a good job and a nice home etc, they'll be looking back wondering where their lives went and what they did with all that time that passed. All I can tell my bosses and boss chics is to keep doing what you have to do to get ahead, you'll get there one day. Only TIME will tell! :)

LaBellaBoss <3

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