Friday, February 11, 2011

A.BadBoss' Gift Guide for V-Day

Valentine's Day is here and I know you’ve been waiting for tips and TRICKS *wink* to keep that fire lit on and after the 14th. It’s important that Bosses and Boss Chics both be on their A game, so I'm giving samples out of MY BOOK OF LOVE for the Bosses to give their Boss Chics' a sexy Valentine's Day.
Now balloons, teddy bears, candy, etc... All of that is great. Some women like it, yet some don’t. Know your partner and what he/she likes and dislikes and raise the bar for yourself. I have some ideas that your partners would never forget, and they may just give you a treat in return ;) Throw your heart in it and switch it up. Take a look below for gift ideas for your women!

Gifts For Your Girl:

  • Mistletoe In February?? Uh.. Yes!!: You know how it goes... You buy the rose pedals, make a path to the bedroom, etc... well for 2011 do it bigger and think outside the box! Think Misletoe... All we boss chics want is some love and half a dozen roses(or more) and cut the heads about 2 inches down w/stem and hang from doorways and openings in your love pad.  Once your Boss Chic arrives..she’ll be wondering what’s going on and you just slip up behind her or in front, and steal some kisses.. She’ll be so romanticized.. U probably wont have to steal any for the rest of the day/wkend. Gift Idea: Get her an Edible Flower Arrangements to go with the mistletoe. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a plus!

  • Step It Up Like A Boss Chic Would- Have you checked your Boss Chic’s closet.. Shoe Game is Hard Right? Take that extra “step” in making her Vday brag worthy. Check her style, look through The Boss Chic Files for new trends, do your research, check her home girl, and find out what it is that she loves. Make them something sexy YOU Want To See her in and purchase those babies so she can “walk like she talk like she know!” She might give u a lap dance in them. #bawse!

  • Get Up, Get Out, and Do Something- and I aint just talking about dinner!  Boss Chics want to do more than the norm.. which consists of dinner somewhere  Plan a weekend or recreate a special moment  you two shared that you know she appreciated. Send her to the spa to get a mani/pedi (both if you ballin') or a massage. Take her dancing in the club, or to the park and have a picnic. She will be so happy that you took the time out to do this for her.

  • Women Love Coupons!! Coupons? Yeah Coupons!!- Stop by your nearest lingerie shop and grab a pack of Coupons. Not the buy a bottle of detergent get one half off.. The Freaky Kinky Boss Chic Coupons.. The ones that say S.O.D(SEX ON DEMAND) Breakfast In Bed, 2 for 1  (Sexual Activities that you choose) Lap Dance for 5 min.. all of these activities will keep you on your toes and your boo satisfied during Valentine’s Day!

  • Make A BOSS Basket- My Absolute Favorite Idea!  This is the most thoughtful gift that you could give your BossChic and incorporate one or more of the previous ideas. An ideal basket could include some of the following: Her favorite bottle of wine (try Prosecco), a gift card for a mani/pedi or massage, to her favorite restaurant, or clothing/shoe store... or even get her a book store gift card or a new book she may enjoy. Some sexy lingerie or separates (sexy lace underwear), a love cd of great sensual songs, a sexy scent that fits her personality, or a fine piece of Boss Chic Jewelry will work as well. Buy a basket that can hold the contents of your gift (check Walmart, Dollar Tree, or another Craft Store) in addition to tissue paper and cello wrap. Include a card and place at least three or more contents in your basket and deliver your Boss Chic  the gift. Now doesn’t that sound thoughtful? BOSS!!

These are just a few ideas for you Bosses to get your Boss Chics as gifts. You probably know what she likes and dislikes more than anyone else. Go all out this year and show her that you REALLY know her. Like I said before, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to return the favor ;)

Have A Bossy&Sexy V-Day!!

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