Friday, February 11, 2011

Gift Your Guy

"Just get me anything" doesn't mean "keep getting me cheap ass boxers for Valentine's Day". Yeah that's right ladies, we know how hard it is to read our minds when it comes to getting us gifts. To be honest, we don't really need gifts on Valentine's Day because that's the one day we are promised to get some. Most guys don't give you hints or clues but every guy has 5 things he wants for V-Day.

           The belly is always the way to a man's heart. I don't care what kinda guy he is... He gotta eat. Take him out to his favorite place to eat. If he is the stay at home type, cook for him. (Side Note: If you can't cook don't make him eat your nasty food) If there is a game on that he likes, plan dinner around it and enjoy the game and food together.

 Video Games  
       You're thinking to yourself "Hell naw I'm not getting any video games" but reality is: If he is not at home playing video games... where is he? If he likes video games; instead of calling him a kid, get him some games you can play together. Nothing turns a guy on more than playing video games with his girl.

        Ladies!!!! Diddy and Usher are not the only people with their own cologne!!! Don't keep buying him that same cologne you got him for his birthday. Try Kenneth Cole, Burberry for Men, and my personal favorite Chanel Sport for Men. He will enjoy it and so will you.

      We don't need any boxers or socks. If he works an office job, buy him some ties or some nice button up shirts. If he likes to dress casual get him some nice sneakers. I also recommend some accessories like a nice watch or a fitted cap of his favorite team. You know what works for him and what doesn't. Don't try to change his appearance, just upgrade what he feels confident wearing.

     Like I said this the only day out the year that he is promised to get some. You might say that's not always true but in his mind it is. Take things slow and keep in mind you're trying to please him too. If he bought you a sexy outfit, wear it. Show him that you are his. Men love to feel that ownership. Don't be selfish, let him have some attention. Massages and showers together are a plus. Get freaky with it.

Well I hope this helps you. Remember every man is different but at least one of these things will be a great gift to give. Enjoy your Valentine's Day with the one you love!


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