Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

As you all know I love me some Malik El Debarge Wright, so it should be no surprise that I loved this episode! It seems like he finally got his life together (hopefully) and Kelly "Devereux" (a fool lls) finally got her much needed reality check. This episode started off with Jason serving Kelly with papers banning her from mentioning his name on her show. Obviously without being able to use Jason as the subject, her show really has nothing to offer. As a result Kelly is left with the stuck on stupid face!

The next scene shows Malik in his group meeting in rehab. He asks the doctor how many pills between 4 and 20 can he continue to take without being considered an addict. When the doctor tells Malik that his condition has changed from a physical pain to an emotional one, Malik gets angry and storms out yet again. Later, Jenna (the super model) came to keep Malik company and tries to help him figure out his problem. She offers him jelly beans, saying it's her new addiction to substitute the crack. Malik tells her that everyone around him abandoned him and moved on with their lives; therefore, he feels like he was being used all along.

Later in the episode Malik goes to talk to Jenna, finally ready to figure out what his issue is. He brings her chocolate turtles, saying she should "add some class" to her addiction. Jenna then tells him that she thinks the people around him have not abandoned him, but they have simply grown and started their own lives. Malik felt that everything was great the way it was before. But Jenna informed him that people can't stay the same forever and he needs to embrace the change. She told him that fear of change led her to using crack because she was scared of how changes in her appearance would affect her career as a model. This seemed to work because Malik finally understood that everyone around him still loved him the same.

Back out in the real world, Kelly is trying her best to find a new victim for her show. Melanie, Derwin and Tasha were all in the club when Kelly stormed in and embraced Derwin in a hug. Tasha quickly put her in her place and told her that "Derwin doesn't do reality". As a result, Kelly's show got cancelled... I mean without any ballers you can't have an ex-baller's wives show right?? However, Fabolous just so happened to be performing at the club they were all at, so Kelly decides to go up on stage with him and shake her ass for publicity. SN: Did anyone notice how they were inferring that Derwin is the man by him dapping up Fab?? #carryon...

The next day Kelly found out that she was the #1 most viewed video on the internet and was going to be able to keep her show. She was ecstatic!... until Jason burst her bubble and showed her pics of Brit Brat in a bikini on the internet (facebook is the devil lls). He told her that she was leading a bad example for their daughter and only cared about being seen. Kelly then tried to talk to Brittney but she wasn't trying to hear anything her mom had to say. Brittney seemed to think that because her mom did these things, it was ok for her to do it too. Kelly then reached out to Tasha and Melanie for advice on how to handle the situation. Tasha naturally said "beat her ass" LOL while Melanie thought that Kelly should put Brittney in time out O_o But in the end they reassured Kelly that they would help her get through this.

At the very end of the episode, Malik decides to make things right with TT and goes to visit his wing truck. He apologizes to TT about sleeping with Alison and doing him wrong, which led to TT giving Malik some of his "Wright wings"... "They may burn you a little, but they'll always be on the menu." He says this not only referring to the wings, but to their friendship as well. Alison also comes to the front to speak to Malik, so I guess TT kept her around! Malik then goes back to his car, but before he gets in he gives his new girl Jenna a kiss (and I had tears in my eyes but #dontjudgeme lol)... Also Kelly approaches Jason and asks him if he would be willing to allow Brittney to stay with him for awhile while she goes away to get herself together. She lets Jason know that she's having a hard time coping with their divorce. Even though Jason was reluctant, he agreed to keep his daughter until Kelly felt like she found what she was missing.

All in all, this episode was very good! I think this may be my second favorite, if not my favorite yet this season. I love the fact that Malik found a girl who doesn't succumb to him just because of his name or status. She kept it real with him from day one, and she helped him get where he needed to be to get back on top. And to top it of she is GORGEOUS inside and out. I love the fact that he's trying to better himself and make things right with the people he wronged. I'm also loving the fact that Kelly has finally stepped off her high horse. I know things weren't very good with her and Jason, but I'm hoping one day they will get back together for the sake of Kelly's sanity lmao... but we'll see!

As for next week, it looks like Melanie is going to try to step things up for her and Derwin in the bedroom (I swear I saw another girl in their bed in the preview!). Malik is also going to be on the Monique Show with Jenna talking about their love life. He is so cute in love!!! But you know there's always something bad that happens when you're trying to do good, and I believe Parker (Meagan Goode) is about to try to F up everything he's worked hard to get back. Can't wait to see what pops off! Check below for the preview of next week's episode... Until next week!