Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It Was All Good Just A Week Ago

We have finally come to the day all Game fans live for... Tuesday :) This week's episode had me weak! All the characters were really acting like themselves again and I'm thankful for that! Last week's episode ended in Malik Wright getting arrested for drunk driving, assaulting a police officer, and resisting arrest (whew doing the most)... Tonight's episode began with Malik meeting with the owner of the Sabers about his situation. He was bailed out of jail with a $100,000 bond. As usual, Malik was extremely arrogant and felt that he was gonna get out of trouble because he's the quarterback.

The Sabers' owner told Malik to not hold any press conferences so he wouldn't make himself look any worse. Malik then agreed that he wouldn't say anything to the media about what took place on the night of his arrest. Later Tasha Mack went to visit Malik and basically told him like it was. He then got mad at her and tried to say she cared more about Derwin than himself. She then reminded him that he was her main concern and she always had his back. Now when Tasha Mack came out the house and Derwin was coming in she had me killing myself laughing lol! Manager hat: "If you know like I know go home. You don't need to be around a negative influence like Malik right now." Mama hat: I love that boy in there and he could really use a friend like you." Manager hat: "Go home boy, go home NOW and tell your son you love him." LLS why is she a fool!

After that Derwin went home to Mel who asked him why he went to see Malik. She agreed with Tasha and felt like Derwin should separate himself from Malik during his time of mishap. Derwin just wanted to be a loyal friend and be there to help Malik. In this case I definitely agreed with Derwin, Malik needed him and Derwin shouldn't let his status affect that. I don't think the media would have really viewed Derwin any different because he is a stand up guy.

Anyhow, Parker (Meagan Goode) visited Malik to convince him to check into rehab for alcohol addiction. She told him that the Sabers were trying to get rid of him because he has a bad back and bad attitude. She told him that no other team would even pick him up. Malik basically ignored her recommendation and told her off. Later, Malik and Javon were bowling at Malik's house, when Jason's show came on tv. Jason, who had be clowning Malik since the incident happened, was interviewing people on his show to get their opinions on Malik. They were all basically bashing him but in a hilarious way! Jason even interviewed T.T. (who made a point to advertise his wing truck LOL) as well as Javon (who was sitting beside Malik while watching the show lmao). Javon even mentioned how Malik is always mean to his son when he brings him over.  I was weak! lol... Malik then went on Jason's show to clear his name but ending up spassing out because he felt like everyone was turning their backs on him and he had done so much for the city.

At the end of this episode, Malik called Derwin and asked him to come support him at a press conference he was holding for the media. Derwin was skeptical about showing up at first, but Melanie encouraged him to go. She said she thought about it and Derwin is a "brand" because people notice his loyalty and good heart. He then told Malik he would be there for him, and in return Malik asked him to sit front row beside Tasha Mack. When the press conference was held Malik made a statement that he had a problem and would be checking into rehab; he thanked his fans, family and friends. I was so happy and shocked that Malik changed his ways! (Know that's been my boo from day one lol)... However, Derwin was not even present for the event! I agreed with Mel when she told him he needed to support Malik. He shouldn't let his status change who he is inside. I have been mad at Malik all through this season, so to see him admit that really touched me. I felt bad that he had no friends there to support him.

I think it's safe to say Malik El Debarge Wright has won my heart back over, and that's hard to believe considering how I was previously bashing him! I am officially mad at Derwin for turning his back on Malik in his time of need. And am I the only one wondering why Derwin took the time to put on his suit if he wasn't gonna go to the press conference?? Can't wait to see what next week's episode brings! Will you be tuning in?? Check below for a sneak peak of next week's episode!

-LaBellaBoss <3

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