Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gossip vs. Girl Talk

"The hardest part of this business is minding your own." *Drake voice* I'm not one to preach or lecture, but I could go innn on this topic for DAYS. We ALL are guilty of interfering in other people's lives, worrying about others, and even talking about others. Yes I admit to being guilty of this as well, but it's not something to be proud of. A lot of times though, we may get involved in others' business simply out of caring for that person; then again majority of the time we're just being plain nosey aka gossiping. However I do believe there is a difference between gossiping and "girl talk".

Every woman has a specific "clique" she chills with, confides in, parties with... you know, her main girls. We also know what happens in the midst of girl talk. Someone brings up a random person which is followed by "oh what is he/she doing now", "I heard...", "Girl shut up..." etc. Get my drift?? Now this is where the difference between gossip and girl talk comes to play. When you're with your specified crew, of course you're going to talk about the current happenings in the area, who's doing what, you know the regular discussions between girlfriends. I for one think this is perfectly normal. People always say stay in your own lane and don't worry about others... WHATEVER, lets be realistic. I think "girl talk" is fine because these are the chics you hang with on the regular. You TRUST them... hopefully enough to know what is said between you all will not leave the circle.

Now on the other hand, we have gossiping. *sigh* gossiping is a big difference from girl talk. Gossiping is sitting in the break room talking to co-workers about others or going into details about others with people you only speak to or associate with.... Basically if you know you don't get down with that person like that, don't feed into the gossip from them or give any in return. If you wouldn't even talk about your own life to these people, there is definitely no need to discuss others' lives with them. Also you have to think, why would they feel the need to discuss this with me of all people?? That's a set up waiting to happen. Once again, I'm sure we all have been guilty of this as well *raises hand* but you learn from it and grow. Nine times out of ten, talking about the wrong person TO the wrong person will backfire and cause you to get in some drama you never intended to be in.

At the end of the day, it's all about trusting the right people, and using good judgment in who you say things around. It's easier said than done to not talk about anyone at all, but #letsbehonest it's what society does. You don't even have to down talk anyone else, but at some point or another other people's names come up in coversations. Shoot some people put their names out there and give you reason to talk #justsayin. Also never gossip about chics you roll with to the other chics in the crew. You never know if one person out the group will tell what was said, just by trying to look out for the other or possibly to stir up drama. Know who to trust, and know who to avoid!

Do you agree that there's a difference between girl talk and gossip?? And how many of you are willing to admit to being guilty?? Hit us up with comments and thoughts!

-LaBellaBoss <3


  1. All the same in the end but its just human nature for some reason to discuss other people mainly because of these reasons 1)you care about the person 2)some things have you like wtf and you wanna see if someone else agrees so you know you not the only one who thinks that 3)they have interesting things going on in their life<<now those are considered girl talk but 4)just being a hater and hate to see someone doing something period is the gossip thats how most rumors get started beef etc. because 9 times outta 10 you gossiping with someone you dont really mess with and words get switched around and they try to blow it up into something way much bigger than it is!

  2. OMG I so agree with you on the three reasons to have girl talk! Me and my girls stay having girl talk but in the process we don't put anyone down. Just stating facts on what we see. And you are so right about a hater just being a hater! I can't stand people who constantly just go in on others because they on the come up. People hate to see others doing what they can't do so they spread gossip about these people, and take things to the extreme. There is a big difference!

  3. I agree! gossip and girl talk are similar.. and there are just plain covnersations where you are seriously being a hater. But i loveeee Girl Talk! :)