Thursday, February 17, 2011

Didn't You Know Who I Was?

Last night's episode of The Game titled "Didn't You Know Who I Was" was pretty good, although it wasn't my favorite. It doesn't compare to last week's episode but it had my attention nonetheless. I really wish they could make this into an hour show next season; it's way too much drama to be packed into a thirty minute sitcom!  But here's my synopsis and opinion on the show!

Last night's episode started with Malik in a group meeting in the rehab center where he was staying. The other members of the group were talking with the therapist about their drug addictions, while Malik was being sarcastic and making jokes throughout the whole meeting. There was also a beautiful international model named Jenna there who was having issues with kicking her drug habit. Malik, being the asshole that he is, automatically assumed that this girl would want to get with him just because he's the Sabers quarterback. Malik tries to get with Jenna who made it clear that she is there to receive help for her addiction only, something of which he has no interest. Malik then tells her that he does not have a problem and he's there basically pulling a Tiger Woods number for good PR. Ole girl played the hell outta Malik, shutting down all his advances when he offered to have her featured in King magazine smh. When she left their conversation, the therapist at the rehab center confronted Malik about his drug test coming back positive for opiates. Malik, still in denial, left the rehab center running from his problems as usual.

Later in the episode and officially back on the scene, Malik is partying it up, getting drunk, and popping pills as usual. Jason and Derwin came to visit Malik and get him to go back to rehab, but he ended up snapping on Derwin for not appearing at his press conference (check here if you missed that episode). Derwin ends up knocking Malik out after consistently trying to reason with him. The two friends then carried Malik into the bathroom so he could get himself together, but he was still angry and trying to fight with Derwin. This childish fool locks then himself in the bathroom stall until Derwin and Jason talk him into letting them take him back to rehab. See what drugs will do to you! LOL

Now in the female world, the Sunbeams were having a meeting when Tasha Mack received a text from her old flame Rick Fox asking her to go to dinner with him. Melanie and Jas tried to discourage Tasha from meeting up with Rick, but she felt that she needed to "show Rick what he's missing". Kelly then intruded on the Sunbeams meeting (cameras in tow) to donate some things to their charity. Loud mouth Jas was quick to put Kelly in her place and let her know she didn't belong there. Before leaving, Kelly gave Melanie a few suggestions on what she should do for some of the Sunbeam activities. Next thing I knew, Kelly is sitting in the meeting herself like she's a Sunbeam! LOL #icant

Later that evening, Tasha Mack planned to meet up with Rick for dinner instead of going to Girl's Night Out with the Sunbeams. She put on this sexy, royal blue evening gown, got her hair done, and put on makeup... Mama Mack went ALL out! She told Dante that she would be gone out all night with her girls; however, she then switched her story up by accidentally saying she would be back later. From the look on his face, Dante knew something was up.When Tasha went to meet Rick, she ended up waiting for awhile only to be greeted by Dante instead of Rick! (I called this!!) Dante told Tasha that Rick had called the house because her cell phone was off. He had planned to tell her that he couldn't make it, but seems as if Dante beat him to the punch. Tasha tried to explain to Dante that she only met with Rick to show him that she moved on, but Dante couldn't understand why that had to be done at 10 pm over dinner. As a result Dante ended up leaving Tasha at the table, and it seems as if it may be for good! He even gave her the key to her house back *tear* #messy

At the club for Girls Night Out, the ladies of the Sunbeams were getting it in, sitting in VIP, drinking away when Kelly decides she wants to join in on the fun. The other girls were against letting Kelly in since she is no longer a Sunbeam, but Melanie couldn't muster up the nerve to tell Kelly no. Kelly ends up coming into VIP and running the rest of the girls away. When Kelly tried to say Melanie didn't know how to entertain the girls, Mel put Kelly in her place saying she is holding on to the past and she needs to know her place now that she's no longer Mrs. Pitts. Kelly got mad and accused Melanie of not being a true friend, and left with her camera crew... drama queen smh.

At the very end of the episode Derwin and and Jason drop Malik back off at the rehab center so he can finish out his program. I love how these two were supportive of their friend like in past seasons when they were all together 24/7. I just hope Malik can get his act together before it's too late! I'm also hoping that Tasha and Dante can work out their problems; she needs someone like him to check her and her smart mouth when she gets out of control. On next week's episode, it looks like Jason may try to fight Kelly for custody of Brit Brat. Also Mel and Tasha spot Kelly in the club and try to make peace with her, but she QUICKLY shuts them down lol! Check below for a sneak peak of next week's episode!

-LaBellaBoss <3

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