Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Game.., Men In Crisis

Last night's episode of The Game just may be my favorite one yet this season. I live for the moments with Kelly, Tasha Mack, and Girl Melanie drinking wine and talking sh*t! LOL they are forever tryna play Melanie, and I think it's hilarious because she's so corny. This episode started by Melanie filling the girls in on Derwin and his baby mama drama. She believes that Derwin has been going to court almost every day fighting with Janay about when he can see DJ. Little does she know, Derwin is actually spending his extra time at Janay's home.

The whole time Melanie was being extra supportive for Derwin in his situation with Janay and DJ, he has her thinking that Janay has been taking him back and forth to court for child support and visitation. However he has really been at Janay's every day, swimming in their pool, and cooking on the grill for her and DJ. On top of that he even makes a stop to TT's wing truck to pick up food for Janay. When Javon and TT told him that he was doing more for Janay than necessary, he then told them he was doing the right thing as long as he kept both women happy and he could continue to see his son.

Melanie wanted Derwin to ask Janay if they could take DJ to Disneyland for the light show, but Derwin only asked if DJ could go with him alone. Later, Melanie sees Janay in a restaurant which led to Janay revealing that Derwin had never even mentioned Melanie going with him to Disneyland. She also exposed Melanie to Derwin's lies about court and said he had been coming to her house every day. I'm telling you I FELT it when Mel called Janay a "bitch". She spit that out! LOL... 

When Derwin got home that night, Melanie showed him a gossip website where Janay had posted a video of him at her home playing in the pool with DJ. Derwin then went to Janay's to confront her about the gossip site, but she ending up checking him instead. She told Derwin that she had never done anything wrong other than fall in love with him. She felt like Derwin was giving her a false hope that they might one day be a regular family. I definitely understand where she was coming from, you could tell she had some feelings for him when they were by the pool. Derwin should have known not to get too close to Janay. A lot of men fail to realize they lead side pieces/baby mamas etc on to believe they'll be more, and it causes confusion. This is the result of MANY women like Janay and Melanie hating each other. Anyhow, that night Mel cooked Derwin dinner and told him she had learned in church to forgive him and that he needed to do the same for her. I think with them both going to church, their marriage will continue to grow and they can learn from their past mistakes. I'm rooting for them!!

Now on to Tasha Mack who had a big argument with her "boo thang" Dante... They were at a restaurant and got into it because Dante felt like Tasha throws her money in others' faces. He stated that she eats out every day, which is not a bad thing, but she only does it to show off her money. Kelly also checked Tasha on this, telling her that money is Tasha's way of trying to control her relationship with Dante. Because she makes more money, she feels like Dante shouldn't have a say so in what she does. 

However, later in the episode Tasha was at Dante's and fixed him breakfast while he was playing the game. She got upset with him yet again because he wouldn't put the game down to eat her food while it was hot. Dante then got up and told her in a nice yet serious way that in order for them to work she needed to "calm her ass down". He stated, "When two people are in love you stop making it about you and start making it about us. I see you so I don't need you to jump all up and down. And I hear you so you don't need to scream so freaking loud. Turn it down a notch." - My favorite line from this episode!! I really love where they're going with this relationship. I love how it's far from perfect but Dante still loves Tasha despite all her faults. At the end of the episode, Tasha took Malik some wings (not from TT lol) and revealed that she's in love. Can't wait to see where this goes!!!

Once again this was a long review, but you can't miss a beat when it comes to The Game! I love how this show has turned into a drama because it sort of plays into every day life. It's like all of these characters (who I swear I know personally lol) have distinct personalities. And a lot of times they don't see their own flaws on this show, it takes a situation or someone to show them the light. This is how we are in real life, full of problems but most of the time blaming everyone around us!

On next week's preview, Melanie is going to check Kelly on still trying to be in the industry when she isn't even a Saber anymore. Sounds to me like Mel agrees with me about Kelly still wanting Jason! Also in the next episode Malik is shown telling a girl that he is only in rehab for good PR. Let's hope he doesn't go back down the wrong road. Below is a sneak peak for next week's show. Stay tuned!!

-LaBellaBoss <3

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  1. This was a very good recap. I feel like I don't need to watch the show lol. (This is from Aunt Faye)