Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Death Becomes Her

First of all let me apologize for not doing a review last week, but I feel like I need to either write down what happened or watch the show twice before I do my blog. Well I didn't really have time to do either last week and I didn't want to miss any details! Anywho in the next to last episode of The Game, Melanie seems to be trying to get pregnant. Melanie went with Tasha to the bar to help her cope with Dante' breaking up with her. When Melanie was texting Derwin the whole night, Tasha told her to go home and be with her man. Mel happily left so she could go home and hopefully work on making a baby.

Alone at the bar, Tasha was approached by a man she had never met before. Shortly after, they were running down the street in their underwear and jumping into his convertible LLS! At first I was confused, but then he revealed to Tasha that he had a terminal case of cancer. He told her that before he got sick, he was angry with the world. He felt that him having cancer was a blessing because it opened his eyes up to the world. He told Tasha that he wanted to spend his last moments in life with her SN: Tasha and her cigars #icant lol

Back at home, Melanie pressured Derwin into making a baby. Derwin told her that he had to go to practice and would make it up to her that night then he backed into the counter lol. (I love how silly he is!) Once Derwin left the house, he went to get Malik out of bed for practice. Malik, who was depressed because Jenna hadn't talked to him since the incident with Parker, would not get out of bed for practive. Derwin set up a sit down meeting between himself, the Sabers' owner Rahj, and Malik. Meanwhile, Tasha and Melanie were having their usual girl talk, when Tasha checked Mel and said she was only trying to get pregnant to keep up with Janay. Tasha then informed Melanie of a lesson she had learned from her new boo "Cherish each day and don't sweat the small stuff". SN: I think this guy was exactly what Tasha needed at the time!

Back to Malik and Derwin... Once at the meeting with the owner of the Sabers, Malik expressed that he was sorry and that he was at a really bad place in his life when he was sleeping with Parker. Derwin also spoke on Malik's behalf, reminding the owner what a value Malik is to the team. The owner then asked Derwin, "You have a wife don't you?" basically letting Derwin know he would be just as upset if he were in the same shoes. Malik got upset and demanded that he be traded to another team. The owner then said he was going to keep Malik on the team and take in a new quarterback to replace him. He planned to nurture him while Malik rides the bench. Malik then got mad at Derwin for even setting up the meeting. He told Derwin that he was only in it for himself, not to help out. Derwin informed him that he had always been there for Malik, but he also has a family and a legacy to look out for.

Melanie had set candles for Derwin that night so they could have a romantic evening. Derwin called Melanie out on pressuring him about having a baby, and in return she apologized for being so adament about it. Derwin started telling her that he was done helping Malik and was ready to focus on his family and legacy. At that moment he agreed that he was ready to go half on a baby with Mel, and she couldn't have been more happy! At the end the lovebirds were snuggled up on the floor because Melanie was trying to better her chances of "Derwin's kids making it" lls. #afool... But she comforted Derwin by letting him know that the real reason she was pressed to have a baby was because of what they have together. She was ready to expand it. I love these two!!

Tasha's boo had also arranged candles for her that night, but he also filled one of her wishes in the process. Earlier in the episode she said one of her dreams was to spend a night with Keith Sweat, well her man made it happen! He had Keith Sweat appear at the dinner, Tasha was so excited she decided to give ole boy some lol. When Tasha got out of bed, her boo had left her a note saying "Sorry we didn't make it to India" along with an elephant pendant necklace. They had made plans to make a trip to India before he died as a part of their "To Do" list. I'm wondering did he leave the note because he was preparing to die or what? I like how he came and swept Tasha off her feet and was gone like the wind... it was sweet :)

At the very end, Malik was shown sitting in his room drinking again. Thankfully he called Tasha to come help him. I hope he doesn't fall back into the same old sad situation that he was in before. I was loving what Malik had turned into! Thanks a lot Parker #trick lol.. Next week is the season finale and it looks like it has THE MOST going on lol. I swear I can't wait to see what pops off! Malik is gonna run into Jenna who looks like she's still not talking to him. Tasha is going to end up laying Jenna out (I think) for messing with Malik's heart. And did anyone notice that Camille is coming back?? I'm also wondering if Melanie will be pregnant in the finale. I haven't been able to find the sneak preview yet, but I will post it as soon as it shows up online. Until next week! #GameOn


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