Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whip It, Whip It Good

(Katlynn Smith & Ericka Gluck)
I think it's safe for me to start this post with the girl we all went from loving to hating... Brit Brat. Ugh she just does the most, I can't deal with her! She makes me glad I had a son lol. But anyway, this episode started with Jason and Malik out at lunch. During their conversation, Malik asked Jason about Brit Brat and how she was doing. Jason told him that Brit Brat stayed out of school today because she had cramps. Well Malik then showed Jason to Brit Brat's table where she was eating with her friends in the exact same restaurant. When Jason confronted her, she told him that her friend suggested that they go get some soup so she would feel better. I'm thinking Jason let her get away with so much because he felt bad about the divorce, because he bought her excuse and went on her merry little way smh.

Later that day, Jason visited Melanie's home with Magic Johnson and Brittney in tow. He was looking for someone to babysit Brit Brat while he went to play golf, so he asked Melanie. She informed him that her parents were coming to visit that night so she would not be able to. She hinted around to him asking Tasha, and after rubbing it in his face that he needed her help, Tasha agreed to babysit. In the midst of all this, Brit Brat continuously has an attitude about everything other than going to the mall with her friends (being hot!)... Well when she gets to Tasha's, Ms Mack shows her a thing or two about manners and respect. Tasha had Brittney cleaning her house, making her tea, and even calling her "mademoiselle" lls. I thought Brittney had gotten some sense knocked into her until Tasha realized her "medicinal weed" was missing LOL. Tasha had me weak! "I need my weed, I need my weed! Weed help calm my nerves." LOL #dead then when she hit herself in the foot with her switch she picked for Brittney I was done lol.

Anyhow, Tasha made Brit Brat go pick her own switch so she could get punished for taking the weed. Brittney was in denial about the whole thing, and called her father and told him that Tasha was crazy and on drugs. Jason ended up getting mad at Tasha and stormed out the house with Brit Brat. Tasha didn't get to whoop Brittney with the switch, so instead her crazy self went to Malik's and beat him with the switch! LOL... Now when Jason got home from Tasha's house, he went to Brittney's room to try and talk to her about him and Kelly's divorce and how it may be affecting her. When she was all in her phone instead of paying attention to him, Jason snatched her purse from her as she tried to leave and "go to the mall" yet again. He ended up finding the weed in her purse and finally laid down some laws for his grown daughter. When she tried to make him feel guilty about working all the time, he called the producers of his show and quit the job on spot. He then told Brittney he would talk to her tomorrow, leaving her in her room to ponder what she had done. I was so proud of Jason for stepping up to the plate and being a good father! He handled that well in the end!

Now if you're a true Game fan, you all know that in previous seasons Melanie's parents hated Derwin! Well things have changed since he's doing big things in the football world! Melanie's bourgeois ass parents came to visit and they were surprisingly eating Derwin up. Apparently Mel had been sending money to her mom and dad's different charities and organizations in Derwin's name; and from the looks of it, he had no idea this was being done. The whole time of the visit, Derwin's in-laws constantly questioned him about football and his career moves, buttering him up, and faking like they loved him all along. Meanwhile, Melanie started feeling some type of way because she wasn't getting any attention. She felt that because she chose to not practice medicine, her parents thought less of her and deemed her as boring.

Towards the end of the episode, Melanie and her foolish mother had a heart to heart about their decisions of picking their men over their dreams. Melanie's mom pressured her to be a doctor so she would accomplish things for herself instead of sacrificing her dreams for a man. However, Melanie made it clear that Derwin was the one thing she loved more than medicine. She stated that she saw so much potential in him that she just wanted to be able to help to be the best and most that he could and build a family with him. Now you can't tell me that's not real love! And yall know I cried LOL #dontjudgeme.

The writers of The Game, BET, and the actors have made me happy yet again this episode. I hope things turn around for Kelly and Jason with Brit Brat. I think they are both going to start trying to better themselves for their daughter, and will end up rekindling the old flame ;) Next week, TT is going to reveal some things to Tasha about Dante that may not be so pleasant. Melanie will be helping Tasha throw Dante a big 25th birthday bash, much to Tasha's disliking. Also it seems like Malik is going to be exposed to the owner of the Sabers, and there's going to be a scuffle that goes down. *sigh* after all it took for Malik to get it right, I hope his career isn't screwed up because of his past! Check below for the usual sneak preview of the next episode. SN: I saw where Meagan Goode tweeted and said her character takes a turn over the next couple of episodes... Wonder if its for better or for worse? Until next week Gamers!

LaBellaBoss <3

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