Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Very Special Episode

I don't even know how to start this without saying the MOST went on in this episode... and ya'll know I loved it! It started off with Malik on The Monique Show telling the public how he realized all of his past mistakes, stating he was ready to confront his issues. He told Monique he was looking to star in a movie revolving around his life, so things were really starting to look up for him. When asked about his love life, he brought out his beautiful new girlfriend Ms. Jenna Rice and told the world how good it felt for him to be in love. Aww I just love Malik all over again!

Now you know with every come up, there is a set back... and Malik's just happens to be named Parker. She is a true hater, ten times worse than Janay! Malik and Jenna were in the club VIP style of course, and Jenna had stepped away for awhile. Well Parker took it upon herself to go talk to Malik and told him she'd see him later. When Malik took a pass on her advances, she didn't know how to act. He then told her that the heart knows what the heart wants and told her to "STEP" lls. She went about her way, but trust and believe that wasn't the last of her. 

Meanwhile, the Sunbeams hosted another meeting, where the ladies were opening the Sabers players' fan mail. Melanie began to feel some type of way about all the panties and love notes sent to Derwin, so Jazz let the ladies know they had nothing to worry about as long as their men were satisfied in bed. Well the expression on Melanie's face showed she wasn't completely confident with her sexual relationship. SN: Did anyone catch when Mel called Tasha out about dating a younger man?? So does this mean her and Dante' are still on?? #carryon...

Anyhow, later Melanie was on the phone with Derwin while he was away at a game going back to his hotel room, when she heard another female in the background. There was a chick on his bed doing a split (lls the most!) which caught him off guard. He quickly explained that he had just walked in and was unaware she was there. Then the fool told on himself saying it had happened to him seven times before lol, but that only made Melanie more self conscious. He then reassured her that he only had eyes for her, but that just wasn't enough for insecure Melanie. She got mad and told him she wasn't in the mood for Skype sex and said she'd call him later #childish LOL.

Melanie decided to go to Jazz for tips on how to spice up her sex life with Derwin. She tried to check Jazz on speaking about her past sexual encounter with Derwin, but ended up getting checked lol. They went to the club to search for a potential candidate to join Melanie and Derwin for a threesome. Jazz helped her pick through the women, saying the ones drinking juice were too goody too shoe for that. But she also wouldn't let Melanie pick a girl that was cuter than her lol. However, a cute aspiring dentist came to converse with Melanie. After brief small talk, she awkwardly asked the chick if she would join her and Derwin for a threesome and of course the girl agreed.

Now while all this was going on, Malik was going to his room at the same time as Derwin... And who was waiting for him?? Parker of course. This chick is a fool! He was just tending, ready to go to his room and "watch Family Guy and Skype his boo Jenna". Parker just doesn't give up. She felt like Malik owed her because she was the one who convinced him to go to rehab so he could stay on the Sabers. She threatened to call her husband, but Malik reminded her that her pre-nup would be null in void due to infidelity. I'm thinking he shut her up real nice, then she starts screaming RAPE.. WTF?? When housekeeping came, Malik tipped the lady $100 so she would dip out. Parker then laughed and asked "Now would you rather screw me or screw yourself?" O_O

Malik ended up sleeping with Parker again, but had a guilty conscience. When he got back home, he was greeted by a naked Jenna with a bunch of balloons. She had surprised him for his win, but when Malik hugged her she felt tears coming from his eyes. He denied the tears and just held on to her. I could tell he really felt bad for what happened, but really what could he do? I'm hoping he'll come out and tell Jenna what's going on before it gets out of control. She has a good heart, and I think she'll see how genuine his feelings are for her.... Only time will tell! Thanks Malik for making me cry yet AGAIN! *tears*

Towards the end of the episode, Melanie brought her third wheel to her home to get ready for her surprise threesome. She took charge and told Derwin to get undressed and meet her in the bedroom. When they got there, she blindfolded Derwin and let the girl into the room. When the chick started kissing on Derwin, he liked it a little too much for Melanie. This fool got mad and made the girl leave LOL! When she let the girl out, she told Melanie that she could call her in the future if needed and KISSED Melanie... O_o lol 

When Melanie got  back to the room, she started kissing on Derwin however he wasn't it feeling it like he was when it was the other girl. *sigh* Melanie what are you doing?? I think she's messing up a good thing by being insecure. I try to stick it out with her, but she just keeps doing dumb stuff after dumb stuff. My advice to Melanie (like she's a real person lol) is to just stick to what you know! Derwin stuck with her this long for a reason, no need in her switching up now trying to be something she's not!

This was definitely a good episode, filled with drama just like I like it. I hope Malik can get Parker off his back without tearing down his image in the process. Maybe TT will be able to step in again and help his good friend out. And as far as Melanie and Derwin, idk what to say. But I'm still rooting for them and their marriage! In next week's episode Jason is gonna get on Tasha about having Brit Brat around weed. On top of that, Melanie's parents are coming to visit... the same parents that gave her hell for marrying Derwin are gonna be eating him up this episode! Money=Power. Check below for next week's preview. Until next week Gamers!

-LaBellaBoss <3

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