Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What Is The World Coming To?

Good morning bosses && boss chics! It's been a week since I've blogged for you guys; last week was my spring break from school and I must say I took advantage by not doing ANY work lol #dontjudgeme. However I'm back on the grind now, and I apologize for the lack of posts for the past week!

Now I'm sure my local hometown readers already know this, but for those of you who visit this blog from different areas let me fill you in. Here's a run down of where I'm from. I grew up and live in Martinsville Va, an extremely small city with not much to offer. It used to be well known for its manufactoring companies, but since majority of those have shut down it's so difficult to find a job here now. In a nut shell, it's no telling what might go down here these days because there's no work which is causing an increase in the crime rate.

With that being said, it was recently reported on our local news station that the KKK would be hosting a rally in one of the area's parks on April 2nd. Supposedly they are going to be lighting a cross as well. First of all I swear I didn't know the KKK even still really existed or did these types of "marches". Just a few days ago, I saw on Facebook where someone has started another rally that will be marching against the KKK. I'm sorry, but I know I can't be the only one blown by this O_O... Here it is 2011 and violence is still happening due to race and backgrounds?? When there is so much other bs going on around us like lack of healthcare, lack of employment, rise in gas prices, etc. #wheretheydothatat... Booth (one of the people I get to help me with the blog) aka @TWlTTERWHALE who is also from my hometown wrote a "Letter To Martinsville" that I thought was worthy of a post. This comes right on time with everything going on in this city. Check it out below!

SN: If this were YOUR city would you stand against the ignorance and march against the KKK?? Let us know!

"Letter To Martinsville"
I don't want to sound like I'm judging.
I remember when I was a youngen on the block hustling.
I'm speaking to the mothers who are tired of losing their lovers, cousins, and brothers. We must look above us instead of killing one another.
The world is hard and cold. Leaving us sheep separated from the fold.
Burying our friends is getting old. Time to be bold.
Time to build a better living. Love our women and teach our kids about forgiving.
This is just the beginning of our prison. Trapped, most are feeling.
I'm praying for healing. Where are the people ready for rebuilding?
The only thing we can do is get smarter. Teach our daughters to become scholars.
We need fathers. Those who would rather be doctors and not worry about who's harder.
Who killed our dreams? Lack of wisdom keeps us unable to achieve.
Those who believe and are not decieved by the devil with tricks up his sleeves.
We say R.I.P but we do the same things that cause our grief. We need to be free.
Turning our pain into a story. We need to see the glory.
Fight for our city, making it look pretty instead of ugly and shitty.
We can play the blame game but that doesn't change a thing.
Trust me I feel your pain but its not always gonna rain.
If you're a leader be a teacher or a preacher.
Think about the bigger picture before our city crumbles beneath us.
 Its never too late to do something great. Don't wait, do it today.
Make better choices to change our city into something gorgeous.
This is a message to all of us.
I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears.
The time is now for change in Martinsville.

LaBellaBoss <3

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  1. This is my city, and I would definitely take a stand and March against it. I feel like this has set us back so many years, and making it seem like Martinsville is ignorant and an old racist city down South and that is so far from the truth. Im afraid that black people, and rightfully so, will try to protest at the Rally, but the downside is..this might provoke violence and create a whole mess of things that could have been provided altogether. Why don't they get over it? We are here and intermingling with other cultures more than ever now..there is no stopping this! It's painful though, to know that we have advanced in every area but racism still exists as strong as ever. SMH at me for being naive.