Monday, October 17, 2011

[Item of the Day] Jean Jumpsuit

I am in love with this jean jumpsuit from ASOS! I was browsing the net today for the newest arrivals at all my favorite sites, when I came across this. I love the way it fits and accentuates the female body, and the deep neckline and cut out back add a sex appeal to it. Not only is it very sexy, but the flare legs of the jumpsuit and the cuff in the sleeve make it a very playful, flirty piece. I think this would be cute on a casual date, or any casual event you're attending but want to remain chic.

You can find the jumpsuit here at ASOS for $75.00. I would wear this with a pair of brown boots, wedges, or pumps since brown and jean material go well together. The belt does not come with the piece, so I prefer to wear a more light colored shoe than the ones above since the jean material is dark. Below you can see a pair of booties from Aldo's that I paired with this jumpsuit as well as a thin waist belt and purse.

I chose the olive green leather satchel to add a different color to the overall look. We could easily pair this with a tan purse, but then there wouldn't be anything to really make the look pop. In addition to green, you could also pair this with a mustard yellow purse to add some color to it. Those two colors were the first that came to mind that would tie in with the jean material and tan, without making it look a mess.

And just an fyi, I know the prices to some of the shoes and clothes I post aren't really recession friendly lol, but these are just to give you an idea of different pieces you can put together. By all means, you can go out and find similar clothes and shoes for much cheaper, I do it myself. My fashion posts are intended to inspire, not so much to directly influence you to go out and buy it!

LaBellaBoss ♥

Aldo's Sicilian Booties $150.00

Olive Green Leather Satchel $75.00


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