Monday, October 10, 2011

[Positive Monday] Cherish What You Have While You Have It

*throws shades on*

Happy Monday or should I say #PositiveMonday to be exact! My weekend was great, but it went by way too fast! I suggest we all start and sign a petition stating that the work week begins on Tuesday, leaving Friday-Monday for the weekends. All in favor say "I" lmao!

On a more serious note, I decided to start doing Positive Mondays a little different and try to leave you guys with a positive song for the week after each post. The song is supposed to tie in with the total message of the post as a whole, and hopefully will leave a little inspiration for each week.

Those who know me already know this, but there's a lot of you who only know me through this blog. Almost ten years ago, I lost someone very close to me who was my cousin  but more like a big brother than anything. Delvin was 19 when he got killed only three weeks before his high school graduation. He was preparing to go to Virginia State on a track scholarship and the whole nine before his life was suddenly taken. I was only thirteen when this happened, and this one event changed my life forever.

I had never really had any close experiences with death of those around me, and even though many people I'm close to have died since then, none have impacted me as much as his death. He and I were so close, it was crazy. People really thought that I was his little sister. Up until this point I haven't been able to talk about him at all without getting sad or crying, but I finally feel like I'm able to open up about it. See we were mad at the time that he died, and it was definitely about something dumb. I think he had gotten mad at me because my shorts were too short or something like that lol, I mean that's just the type of relationship we had... big brother/little sister. So when he died, we still weren't speaking so I never really got to talk to him again.

That was one of the hardest things in life for me to deal with, one of the things I STILL have trouble dealing with. The whole purpose of this post is to make a point that life is entirely too short to hold grudges or beef with someone over BS. People close to me will tell you that I do not hold grudges for long. Even if I'm the one who's right, I will let go of anger before the other person just for the sake of maintaining peace. I've heard and seen people do and say the ugliest things to those they love, not knowing if they will even be there the next day. And I've seen people go days, weeks and months without speaking to people they supposedly love (friends and family) and not thinking twice about it. No anger is worth holding on to that long, where you never get to speak your peace to that person if something were to happen.

At the end of the day, you have to cherish what you have while you have it... and I'm not speaking in materialistic terms. As I get older I see what a blessing it is for me to have so many friends and family who actually care about me and want to see me succeed in life. Do you know how many people in the world don't have anyone at all?? Don't take those in your life for granted, appreciate them while they're there!

LaBellaBoss ♥

SN: Don't forget to check out the #PositiveMonday video below!


  1. Love this post Roxy! Not to mention I loveeee the Kelly pic!! :) *throws on shades* XOXO

  2. Kelly looks gorg in this pic! Reminds me of someone I know hmmm lol *throws shades on*