Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Only God Can Judge, Who The F Are You?

Let me just make this statement LOUD AND CLEAR lol, I would never do a post on these silly "basketball wives" unless I'm trying to prove a point. EVER. But in the case of how the other women treated Draya on Monday night's episode, I knew I had to go in. First of all who watches Basketball Wives? Honestly, I don't even know why I put myself through the headaches of this show every week but I guess any drama is better than your own lol.

Ever since Draya popped onto the scene for this show, her name has been run into the mud, dirt, and all the way down to the Earth's crust lol. At first I had mixed emotions about Draya because of the police report I heard was filed against her for leaving her son alone at home. But after watching the first few episodes of the show, I started to really like her. Every single chance these women get, they're bashing Draya. It's pathetic if you ask me. They even went as far as googling her name to see what they could pull up on her. Really?

Now this is what takes the cake for me... I'm sure you guys have heard about all the drama surrounding Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas, and how he left her and her children for broke. Then a few weeks ago I heard that she's back with him and they're going to get married *side eye*. Jackie Christie's daughter has written a blog detailing her relationship with her mother, and how she shows favoritism to her other children because they're by Doug. Jackie's daughter has two children... children that Jackie has yet to acknowledge on the show. Hmph some grandma! On top of that Imani bashes Draya to no end, yet she has yet to find a man. And let's not forget about Gloria and the police report that was filed by her against her boyfriend Matt after a physical altercation they had.

I say all this to say, I'ma need these hags to have a seat! Too often people bash each other and put others down based on things that have happened in their lives. And not just that, but we bash them because of WHO they are and WHAT they do. These women didn't even give Draya a chance for the simple fact that she was a stripper. None of them know what she had to go through to put her in that position. Nor do they know how hard life was before she became a face on tv. We all have this issue of judging others based on what we hear and see rather than getting to know the actual person.

Everyone has a reason for everything they do, and everyone perceives things differently in life. You never know what someone has to go through, or why they think the way they do. And what's the point in looking at someone else and judging them, when your shit isn't all the way together either? Trying to figure someone else out based on presumptions is pointless and a waste of time. How can you try to understand them without getting to know them? You can't. We have to stop letting what we hear affect how we see someone, because at the end of the day we're all human.

How do you feel about the cast of Basketball Wives? Do you think we as a whole are too judgmental of others? Best believe when someone is judging us we get mad, so hey don't dish what you can't take! Leave a comment with your thoughts on this!


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