Monday, October 3, 2011

[Positive Monday] Keep Your Head Up

Since I already have a motivational post up for the day, I won't talk you to death in this post for #PositiveMonday. However I did want to leave you guys with a positive song for the day to maybe help you get through the week. This is one song that I listen to all the time whenever I feel like I need an emotional boost. The positivity in this song is so great and so inspiring, and the way Pac delivers the lyrics cannot be duplicated by any other. He was definitely the voice of hip hop back in the 90's, and his messages spoke volumes. Catch the motivational video for the week above, maybe you can add this to your playlist whenever you're having a rough day.... Keep ya head up :)

"Cause I think we can make it, in fact, I'm sure... and if you fall, stand tall and come back for more"


LaBellaBoss ♥

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