Friday, December 2, 2011

[Fashion Files] Winter Earmuffs

Even though the weather is undecided about which season it wants to be in this year, it's definitely starting to get a little bit more cold outside. *rolls eyes* I'm not built for the winter! When I went to warm my car this morning, there was frost all over it :( Lol anywho, I can't stand for my ears to be cold at any point so I always try to make sure I have something covering my head. However, I dislike wearing winter hats at times because they can mess up your hair with the quickness. If I can find any that are cute, I'd prefer to wear earmuffs to avoid getting my hair bushy in any way. 

Below I've posted pics of different pairs of earmuffs that I thought were cute. You can check those out for yourself to see if you find any you like! 

LaBellaBoss ♥

AE Earbud Earmuffs

Kate Spade "Baby It's Cold" Earmuffs

Ugg Shearling Logo Earmuffs
$136.35 O_O

Spend a buck thirty on some earmuffs for me #soIknowitsreal LOL!

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