Friday, December 2, 2011

I Want... "Banddit Buckle" Boots

I absolutely love these military boots I found here at!! Last week when I posted about the military style rainboots, I mentioned that these are my favorite type of flat boots to wear. It's something about the bad girl vibe they give me that I love lol. 

I feel like military boots can pretty much be worn with anything and they will still look good on you. They give your look a defined edge that makes you stand out, and not too many people actually wear them. Too often I see people who wear them with dressy clothes like off the shoulder sweaters and what not but I don't think that looks good. Yes you can pretty much wear them with anything, but you can never wear dressy clothes with casual accesories or vice versa. It's like wearing a sweatsuit with church earrings, you just can't do it lol!

These Steve Madden "Banddit Buckle" Boots will run you at a hefty $169.95, but I think I would actually splurge on these. I love the details in the boots and especially the buckles and the way the straps wrap around the boots. Are you feeling these?? What's the most you would pay for a pair of shoes?? Hit us up with comments and let us know!

SN: Sometimes it's good to splurge on a pair of shoes you really love, rather than getting the cheap version because those will wear and tear much quicker than the more expensive ones!

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