Monday, September 19, 2011

[Positive Monday] Every Little Thing Counts

It was only right that I post a pic of Floyd Mayweather in his stunnas for #PositiveMonday right?? Right lol. I didn't get to watch the fight, but trust and believe my twitter timeline kept me up on every move made, ultimately ending in Mayweather knocking out Ortiz after 11 minutes. Supposedly Mayweather made 25 million bucks for the short time that he was in the boxing ring. We know who's having a positive Monday today!! Lol

Remember last week I said I had some positive news to share this week?? Well I had been looking around to move into my own spot just for me and my son, and I finally found a place which I'll be moving into in two weeks. I've been wanting to move again for quite awhile now, but needed to wait until everything fell into place. I have very little to almost no patience, so this was a challenge for me. I'm the type of person who likes to see the results of hard work immediately, but trust and believe hard work pays off! Everyone has to practice patience to get further in life, because when you rush into things then they usually end up backfiring.

Over the weekend I mostly laid around and caught up on rest. When it starts to get cold you almost never see me lol (I hate cold weather!!). I took Trey to see The Lion King in 3D on Friday night (which cost $22.50 for just us two #wheretheydothatat) O_O... however us two sitting there singing the songs in the movie together and sharing popcorn was EPIC and well worth the money! I also got to see a friend's newborn baby, and even though I don't want any more of my own, I LOVE spoiling babies :) I even got out the house on Saturday night and went to a get together a few of my associates were having. I had too much fun and got to see people I hadn't seen in awhile. When I say I haven't been out in months, that's an understatement! I love to socialize so getting out the house for once was much needed!

In a nutshell I had a very good weekend, I'm even up to date on all my online classes which is a win for me lol. I'm not a hard person to please at all, and the little things in life are what make me smile. I hope everyone has a #PositiveMonday and a great week! #BossinIsAMovement <-- join it *winks*

LaBellaBoss ♥

SN: If my Eagles had won last night, today could have been perfect *le sigh* But I'm STILL #TeamEagles *throws shades on*

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