Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

First of all I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the real men out there who work hard to take care of their children!! Sadly not enough men own up to their responsibilities as fathers,  leaving many children to grow up in single parent homes or with someone else altogether. Having a father around is so essential to a child's life, so every man should WANT to take good care of their children so they can be better people when they grow up. In honor of the great fathers out there, I found some pics of celebrity dads spending time with their kids either out and about or at red carpet events. I love seeing fathers spending time with their children, it warms my heart... Check below for pics of  some true "bosses" below!

Happy Father's Day!!

LaBellaBoss <3


Lil Wayne & oldest daughter Reginae

TI, Tiny, and kids

Ice Cube and family

Snoop Dogg and family

Diddy & kids (and Kim)

Russell Simmons & daugheters Aoki & Ming Lee

Lebron and family

D. Wade and his boys

Jamie Foxx & daughter

Kobe & daughters

Usher and his boys

Daniel "Boobie" Gibson & son DJ

Reverend Run & his family

Ludacris & daughter

Tyrese & daughter Shayla

The Game and his two sons

Will Smith and his family
Lenny Kravitz & daughter Zoe

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