Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Trend... Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are THE MOST comfortable piece of clothes you could ever wear! I actually wore one today lol. These are huge in the summer because they keep you cool and they're easy to move around in. Not on that but that are majorly fashionable and have been spotted on many of your favorite celebrities. 

When wearing these, always make sure you get the right size and that they fit properly. If they're too big they can take away from your figure, but if they're too small they can reveal too much. Check out some of my favorite maxi dresses that I spotted on some of my favorite fashion websites below. Are you a fan?? 

LaBellaBoss <3

ASOS Racer Back Grecian Maxi Dress$44.32
Chain Necklace Maxi w/ Open Back $64.63

Navy Stripe Racer Back Maxi $43.75

Bebe Colorblocked Summer Maxi Dress $89.00

Ethnic Print Maxi Dress $26.90
Smudge Print Maxi Dress$120.02

Vero Moda Mixed Print Maxi$58.16
Crochet Trim Maxi Dress$27.80

Chinese Floral Maxi Cover Up $43.75
Vero Moda Check Maxi Dress $55.40

Blue Jersey Tiered Maxi Dress $42.29
Jersey Tie-Dye Maxi Dress$24.80

Tribal Maxi Dress$24.80
Leopard Maxi Dress$24.80


  1. I love the dresses they are really cute & easy to find. I don't like the style that makes u look pregnant but they were my best friend when I was fat & pregnant lol. Keeps me cool and I can always find one thats not too long because I'm so short. I love it hun <3. Here's a picture of Ki'yana in one of her's.

  2. My comment wouldn't post yesterday, but for some reason your pic didn't work! I wore a maxi dress the past two days and I was sooo comfortable throughout the day at work. I need to get a few more!