Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Music: Beyonce' Best Thing I Never Had

Ya'll know I LOVE me some Beyonce' lol, I was listening to The Breakfast Club on New York's Power 105 this morning when I heard her new single. It's supposed to be on her new album 4 and it's called "Best Thing I Never Had". She's singing about how not falling for this person was the best thing she ever did because she found out who he really was. I'm sure everyone can relate to that in some way.

When she first said she was going to be making her own genre of music, I didn't understand what she was saying. But after listening to her first three tracks, I understand now. This song has a mix of an R&B, pop, and rock feel. I love what she's doing! I'm really feeling this song too... But I guess you can say my opinion is biased lol. Check out her new song below. Do you think she has another hit??

LaBellaBoss <3


  1. it's okay, no way her best though!

  2. you know what her song writing is not that strong. She puts so much force into her voice but the lyrics are weak as a dripping faucet. I don't see why she still wants to be so ambitious. She has nothing to prove anymore. She could ahve just made a really good R &B album for the summer and been on top for that. I think she has forgotten quality over quantity.

  3. you need to post a new video link LaBellaBoss...this one is no longer available and i couldnt hear the song.

  4. This song is on repeat I feel B on this track..I can hear her really get to me on this song..unfort I cant get into Wayne's song..mayb I need a few more listens!


  5. i agree with anonymous :) hahah