Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What About Your Friends?

Did anyone else watch Basketball Wives last night? (SN: LOL at their faces ^^^!) From the looks of my twitter timeline I think everyone did lol. One of the things that blew me the most was when Jennifer got upset with Royce for following her ex Eric on twitter and for tweeting him! First of all twitter is a public social network and the conversations between Eric and Royce were public to all their followers. She then went on to say that anything could have been said between them in DM's (direct messages for those of you hiding under a rock with no twitter lol)... Evelyn even agreed that she would never have done that, and for obvious reasons. Jennifer and Evelyn are best friends, Royce and Jennifer don't even get along or hang together. So why is Jennifer mad??

On another note, being cool with your friends' exes is a different story. People always ask is it wrong to keep in touch with friends' ex boyfriends and girlfriends once they break up. I say it depends on the situation. If you were cool with both people before they started dating, then it would be stupid for you to stop talking to either of them. Their relationship should not have any affect on your friendships. Even though it will probably alter it some, it shouldn't change the fact that you're cool with both of them. And they should both respect that. 

It also depends on how the friend's relationship ended. If those two ended on a good note, I'm sure your friend would be less likely to care if you're still friends with their ex. I've seen many situations where people date and remain friends when they break up. Whenever they see each other for the most part, it's all love and no hard feelings. In that case, I don't think it's a big deal if you're friends with him/her too. However, if things were bad between them and they can't stand each other, then I can't even understand why anyone would still want to keep in touch with that person. The whole reason you and the ex would even be cool, if you two weren't friends already, is based solely on your friend. If you're true to them you shouldn't stay in touch with someone who treated them wrong.

When dealing with friends and their exes, you have to be careful if you still keep in touch with that ex. Make sure you let your friend know what's up so they won't think you're doing it behind their back. If that happens they may start thinking you and the ex have something going on. I would probably also ask my friend how they feel about it, and hopefully they'll be honest and tell me upfront if it bothers them. Then we can avoid the whole situation altogether. If your friend feels some type of way, then reevaluate the situation and consider cutting off communication with their ex. Besides which relationship is more important??

When it comes to keeping in touch with and being cool with your friends' exes, do you think it's a problem? Let us know!

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