Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boss Chic Diaries: Quick Fix Day 3

My Cousin Graduated From Magna Vista High C/O 2'11!!Saturday, June 4

My cousin graduated High School Today!! Gooooooo Cousin!! I was so proud of her. Actually, I had plan to go to Martinsville that weekend for the graduation, and then I thought about my budget! I had decided early that I was going to have to pass. But it was bothering me so bad!! I weighed out my options and sacrificed. On a limb, me and Dominique were hitting the road at 9:30. I may miss the graduation, but I wouldn't miss the family time that followed! !!! I was going to make it just in time for us to go out to eat! Only, I would have to be selective about what I ate. That was fine! Grabbed my Slim Fasts for my temporary vacay and my blueberries!

On the road, I opened my first one for the morning. Those things stink too by the way. But they taste sooo good! I ate my blueberries, and you shouldve saw Dominique laughing at me for being so dedicated. * Laugh now, cry later hater* lol. But then he wanted to try my blueberries. I gave him a handful, he shook his head, hollering that they were "Nasty as.." . Dig this though, on the way down the road, he kept digging his hand in my blueberries. I know he ate about 30. I told him about the blueberry cap of 10, and he didn't get it either. But I think that's if you are going to eat more fruit, that you need to cap. *Shrugs shoulder* Anyway! We got to the ville by 12:30. 3 hours on the dot. Of course, my family was not ready, they was late as usual!! Is your family like that? My cousin wanted to go to Kick Back Jacks to eat. My aunt Nita called it Kick Ass Jacks! (bc of the prices)She's so funny! Matter of fact let me tell you about her real quick. I can always depend on my aunt to keep it real, and she definitely helped motivate me to keep on my diet. I ordered the same thing almost at Kick Back's but not before drinking another Slim Fast!! The Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner with cajun seasonings, a baked potato (NO BUTTER) and a vegetable medley. I told yall about my leg? Well It was beginning to look like a boil appearing on it, I had busted it Wednesday and it was worse as far as pain! I could barely walk. Yeah, that would explain why you didn't read about my workout on Friday (ha!) Nita was so proud of me dieting i could tell, and she was so concerned about my leg. "And your thighs 'den got so big, they probably rubbing together on that boil making it more irritable!! YEAH ASH, YOU NEED TO GONE AND LOSE SOME WEIGHT!" (uh..thanks :)) I told yall she was funny! I love her! They was MAKING me go to urgent care too about my leg. They was talking needles, cutting, and all that bull.. I'm like yeahhhh.. IDK about that. But anyway, eating healthy is expensive. My food was DELISH, but the prices wont. I shouldve done like my MOMMA and ordered a kids meal :). But it wouldn't have been healthy. Let me tell you how good i was though. It was 26 of us! Nobody ordered healthy! It was bacon cheeseburgers, hotwings, fried fish, fried chicken, cheesesteaks, jumbo fried shrimp, everything was just WRONG! and I ate my food and minded my business, and only tried ONE of my cousins hot wings! (BABY STEPS lol) It was good too! Until that receipt came! But anyway, I enjoyed myself with my family and it was well worth it!

They was laughing at the way I was walking, that "abcess" as the doctor called it on my leg, was making it seem like i had a fake leg. It was no joke.

I went to urgent care, and the ppl were so nice! Did you know they will pray for you if you asked? I didn't ask, but when he told me about the needle and cutting, I was like "Is it too late to get on the prayer list?" LOL(I'm joking) I just want to say right now, that was the worse feeling ever, feeling that needle! I breezed through the CUT! haha. YEAH.... *I'm gon' need that 1 glass of wine a week NOW* OHHH, I wanted to cry! The scale was broke at urgent care because that piece of ish said I weighed.. 205 pounds! I started not to write this, but shoot, might as well keep it 100 at all times. But I aint 200 pounds, get outta here! After that devastation was over, it was the after party! We had graduation to celebrate!

My family is so cool. I love them. We pumped up the music, got the water, the "sauce" for the grown ups and the non alcoholic beverages rolling for the minors! The pharmacies were closed by the time I left urgent care, so you know I was drinking before time to pop them antibiotics! I do this! lol. The great thing about family is we can party all by ourselves. Celebration of life and accomplishments are important. Any way you choose to do this with your family is awesome. I got my exercise in and my aunt told me I was "walking a lot better" Yeah buddy! Rolling like a big shot! We did the "wobble" and danced, danced, danced. Listened to 365 Heavy Grind, and all! (GOT MY WORKOUT IN!) I didn't eat any more that day, and I wasn't hungry!They didn't have wine, so I settled for a beer, or two.(I'll never tell) I was satisfied and happy! But the biggest thing for me that night besides my cousin graduating, was the support my good friend Bre gave me on FACEBOOK! Check it out if you are my fb friend. That's what being boss is about! Never hating, always motivating! I love it ! Thanks Bre! I am going to make it!

A. Bad Boss :)

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