Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly Horoscopes June 8th-14th

Here's the weekly horoscopes for this week from today until next Tuesday. Check below to see what the stars say you should expect for this week. Hope everyone finds something positive in theirs!

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Aries (Mar. 20--Apr. 19) :
It looks as though you are stuck between a rock and a hard place this week.  The issue may be financial.  Don’t press your luck with authority figures of any type, whether employers or the law.  You are quick to anger, so redirect that energy into productive power.  Plow it into a project that requires hard work.

Taurus (Apr. 20--May 19):
Circumstances around the workplace, daily routine or issues with the rules (law) are a big challenge right now.  This situation could push you over the edge of losing your temper and unfortunately, it is you who will suffer the consequences if you let that happen.  These influences will pass by next week.

Gemini (May 20 -- June 20) :
There may be more than one episode that draws you back into issues of old history this week.  Perhaps you will feel compelled to contact people from your past.  It would be a great time for a reunion.  You might be the life of the party.  Be sure to share that limelight with others.

Cancer (June 21--Jul y 21) :Skeletons of the past may be lurking in the back of your mind, if not the foreground.  If your thoughts are sad or dark, ask yourself why you are thinking about these things now.  Maybe there was something you learned from the past that needs to come back in the form of a teaching for the present.

Leo (July 22 --Aug. 21):Your attention is drawn toward the arenas of community contacts and your broader social network.  Some things about your experiences are a repetition of the past.  Step aside if this is past history that was negative.  You may be encountering people you have not seen for a very long time.

Virgo (Aug 22--Sep. 22) :
Your attention turns toward your life direction at this time.  For many this is reflected by the career path.  You may be researching needed information or talking with others about where you are headed.  Your work is recognized and appreciated.  Even accomplishments of the past serve you well now.

Libra (Sep. 23--Oct. 22) :
This is not a time to take new initiatives.  The timing is wrong.  Watch for a better time later.  Choose your words very carefully when you are speaking to friends and loved ones.  Sometimes you present your ideas as though they were established facts and that occasionally hurts feelings.

Scorpio (Oct. 23--Nov. 21) :
This is clearly a rough patch in your relationship(s).  The arena may play out in your primary partnership or in your work/career situation.  Though someone may be goading you, you know this is not the time to lose your temper or try to make peace.  Just give it a wide berth until the time is better.

Sagittarius  (Nov. 22 --Dec. 20) : Take a look around to see what jobs might be available now.  There are signs of improvement in your daily environment (which includes work).  It is possible that a new employee could be giving you a needed boost in the routine.  Some are thinking about new pets.  Or maybe one will volunteer from the street.

Capricorn ( Dec 21 -- Jan 19) :
You may be so bent on accomplishing something or getting your needs met that you roll over everyone around you.  This is a sample of Pluto's power in your sign.  Concentrate on the issues at hand and do not set up a battleground over egos or no one will win.  You have a hot topic there.  Don’t push the river right now.

Aquarius (Jan. 20--Feb. 17) :
Give careful attention to your car and also to any machinery you may be handling.  Equipment breakdowns are possible.  Of course they always come at highly inconvenient times.  Be prepared with backup or extra parts.  Your reflexes are off.  Use caution with the world of the physical during this period.

Pisces (Feb. 18--Mar. 19) : It is possible you will feel a sense of fatigue this week.  Maybe something has caused you to be disappointed with yourself.  Don't take the blues seriously or worry about yourself.  In a few days you will feel much better.  It is a temporary mood swing.  Get some extra rest.  Stay in touch with good friends.

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