Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boss Chic Diaries: Quick Fix Day 15

Wednesday, June 15

Ok, so I was supposed to be posting up my previous Diaries.. *I KNOW, I KNOW Don't be mad I had a stressful week. I needed to recover. * I will post them soon, so you can catch up my friend! Today I am GREAT. As I type to you guys about my workout.. I am trying to compose myself. Why?I am watching R. Kelly: The Light It Up Tour.#enoughsaid, right? OMG, this man, I have been a fan for too long, I been a fan when I shouldn't have been a fan, you feel me!? But from a very young age *no pun intended* I was captivated by his voice, his music. Whew, I think I just burned 500 calories, from thinking about it. Who can top this man? He is a musical genius. His talent can captivate anyone. If you aren't a fan, who have you been listening to...Trey Songz???

This morning I started off being very productive. I did some intern work and I popped my Vanilla Slim Fast Shake. Ok, let me explain it wasn't a Slim Fast it was an imitation, it was EQUATE! from Wal Mart!! Don't Judge ME!! Anyway, after I drank that , yumm and it was so delish, I ate some Special K! Red Berries cereal! I finished doing intern things and then after I left that, I ran some more errands and I had time to stop and get the REAL SLIM FAST because I had finished my equate!

At about 3:30 I went to the track! Walking gets me so excited! I can't tell if I am losing, but I have to be losing something because mentally and physically I feel light. I feel inspired, and energetic, and I imagine myself transforming into something even more beautiful than I already am! That's what you have to do! I was switching my pandora around again, listening to R & B and Gospel, but so what? The music that I was listening to was pumping me up and helping me feel good and optimistic. "Encourage Yourself" came on Donald Lawrence radio station, and that helped a lot. You do have to encourage yourself. You have to visualize what you want to do in life, you have to create your future, write it out, meditate on it, Trust God with it, and watch him give you the necessary resources you need to implement the changes! I can see myself in the future. I am getting rid of my careless eating lifestyle, and in turn, I am going to still enjoy the foods I like, but I am going to be a little more open to trying out healthier cuisines for myself! I am falling in love "all over" again with myself! :)

Later, I made Dominique cheeseburgers and French Fries, and it did not even look appealing to me. I baked my chicken tenderloins, almost mechanically at this point, and prepared a side salad!

I also drank 3 bottles of water! Remember, if you drink at least 3 16oz bottles that is 8 glasses a day! I am trying to stick with that also! I haven't had a Mountain Dew, and I haven't relapsed! "ITS A MIRACLE!"

Well, R. Kelly has gone off now! I mentioned via twitter after I worked off a sweat, that I was going to need some 12 play! I had walked from 3:30 to 5:45 that has to be like 30 miles I walked. :)Kidding! Dominique suggested that I be harder on my body starting tomorrow. I am going to do the boot camp ON DEMAND and see what that does!

Check out my playlist again, if you need suggestion while walking:

Toni Braxton

Brian McKnight

Donald Lawrence



Paul Morton

Definitely wasn't no Trey Songz on my playlist! *Sorry Ladies* But I am LOYAL to the R.

:) Any suggestions on any simple workouts????



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