Monday, June 6, 2011

Positive Mondays!

Happy Monday!! First of all let me just say how bossy is Kelis in this pic I found for #PositiveMonday?? I love her!! Anyway it's Monday again and I almost put myself in a bad mood this morning b/c I didn't want to get out the bed lol. However I ended up turning on the radio while getting ready for work which put me in a good mood. You know radio personalities are always joking around and acting a fool, so it's definitely a good way to start a long day.

I really didn't do much this weekend, but I spent it all with Trey. We went to the pool both Saturday and Sunday which ended up being fun for both of us... plus I got to get a small time tan in :) On top of that normally when I wet my hair and let it air dry it gets poofy, but it seems like it's starting to be more wavy than frizzy now (lol sounds trivial but I hate doing my hair, I'd rather wash and go any day when it's hot). Trey and I also made it to church yesterday for the first time in two weeks... And since he slept through the whole service I actually got the full message lol.  

That about sums up my weekend and my morning. I took all the good from the past few days and thought about them to make myself smile this morning. Having a positive outlook really turn a bad day into a good one. I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

"Tell that man you's a boss b*tch, make some noise raise ya hand if you's a boss b*tch" #imbossy
*throws shades on*

LaBellaBoss <3

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  1. Throw your shades on a get to the paper, have a Positive Boss Monday :)